Friday, 3 June 2016

VENOM - From Hell To The Unknown 1985

One favourite band in my metal days were Venom, pioneers of the so-called Black Metal style, and their first two albums are excellent. Snotty hard sound and somehow untypical for this genre I mean. The roots of punk are unmistakably, listen to 'Bursting Out' or 'Live Like An Angel' for example also 'Buried Alive' is extreme cool. Since 1979 alive Venom released a lot of records and I lost interest with the 'Calm Before The Storm' album and of course my passion for punkrock. This double album came out on Raw Power records, record one is the debut Welcome To Hell and number two is rare stuff, including live recordings. Enjoy the sound of the original inventers and founders of Black Fuckin' Metal!


  1. wow!!! I had this tape in the late of 80's .many many thanks.Have a nice weekend

  2. hahaha....this is really a fuckin' classic.
    Danke WDM.

  3. UH..!!!! FUCKING ABSOLUTELY AWESOME...!!!! I had been looking for this one for YEARS.... only for experts / rare / ultra cult compilation..... HAILS, ETERNAL, BLACKEST MOST HATEFULL VOWS AND HAILS...!!!! ...KILL...!!!