Thursday, 2 June 2016

SIXTEN REDLÖS - Ni Ska Få Ångra 7'' 1984 + I Wish I Woz An Animal 7'' 1985

Sixten Redlös (aka 6-10 Redlös) was a punk band from Jönköping who was active 1981 - 1987, 2002 and 2009-2010. They released during the latter period, in the 1980s a couple of singles and an LP. The band started as a skatepunk band in the early 80's in Jönköping/Huskvarna. The first gig was on 22. November 1981. The band was first called 'Rövens Hemd' but changed soon to Sixten Redlös. Group members were heavily involved in the occupation of the old fire station in Jönköping and thus became one of the first bands that moved into the Kulturhus, the result of the occupation. The drummer Jonas was replaced by Johan and Jojje stopped playing guitar. The group recorded the first demo in Asta Kasks Studio in Töreboda. A few years later they released the first single "Ni Ska Få Ångra" on the label S Records. 1985 follows single number 2 "I Wish I Woz An Animal", recorded in MNW studio in Waxholm. In the years 1984-87 the group toured extensively in Sweden, Denmark and Norway and made around 150 gigs. 1986, Mats Larsson Lutten band to become a drummer in Stockholms Negrer.The group recorded an LP "Slå Alarm" and continued touring. 6-10 Redlös did include a highly acclaimed concert at the first Hultsfred Festival with the English New Model Army who invited the group on an England tour. The band dissolved in 1987 after a series of chaotic gigs. In the 90's Seadog Records released a best of compilation called "Sålunda Spelade Sixten Redlös". When the Kulturhuset in Jönköping celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2002 the band main attraction and in 2009 it was again time for Sixten Redlös to get up on stage. Along with punk comrades Asta Kask they did a number of sold-out gigs. In 2010 they played on "Den Stora Punkgalan" in Stockholm, including Bitch Boys, Stoodes, Problem and P-Nissarna. The band appeared on several Swedish punk compilations. Two solid 7Inches full with a powerful sound and don't worry: This is Punkrock!!!!

- Special Thx to Fredrik -

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