Monday, 6 June 2016

RÜPELZ - s/t EP 1997

A really nice plate is the only vinyl release of the Bonn skinhead combo called Rüpelz which published in 1997 via Running Riot Records their four track EP with loud rousin' streetpunk numbers, lyrically not a one song is praised about beer & drunk acting, so what usually use Oi! Bands in at least one song. No, the Rüpelz take very personal words to days about love, defend themselves, the life as skinhead and with the last number 'Irgendwann Erwischt Es Jeden (sometimes every get caught)' is a pretty ballad on it that first sounds a bit sad but with the second listen it is more clearly and the song says to go ahead, make your thing, no matter how often you were the loser. Like Braces Carrier 69 this band was too short lived. It exist a further Tape with five songs but I never listen to it. Check this cool band out for yourselfs and of course a brilliant cover, YEAH!


  1. Yo're right ; with this teasing cover is nearly a duty download it .....
    Have a nice week wild devil man