Tuesday, 7 June 2016

COVER BOYS - It's A New World 7'' 1980

It was long ago that I post something from the Wanted list but today is such a day and this 7Inch is damn rare and the band is nowhere represented on a compilation probably their only songs they have published. The Cover Boys are one of the few pop-punk acts signed by Vancouver's Quintessence Records who specialized in straight-up punk rock. Can't say much about them only this two-sided cracker is amazing and finest PowerPop from this three piece combo. Enjoy!

- Great Thx to Drago -



  1. Thanks for this! Now that "No Exit" LP is the only thing I'm missing for my (VanCity) B.C. collection :)

    1. cool, I hope you'll can complete it someday. If you find a nice copy leave me a message... aloha!

    2. Do you have a copy (rip) of the No Exit LP? I know its on your Want List, but wasn't sure if you've updated it.. If you do have it please post! :)

    3. patience, I post this sucker asap