Thursday, 9 June 2016

X - Aspirations 1980

This album is a fuckin' must listen. It has all, damn good lyrics, a damn good voice, damn fuckin' great guitars and a damn good sound, this is damn good punkrock. In my personal ranking high up. There is so much info in the net about X so I can spare words, only: X is an Australian punk band, formed in Sydney 1977 by Ian Rilen, Steve Lucas, Ian Krahe and Steve Cafiero. Ian Rilen founded the band with Steve Lucas on guitar and vocals, Ian Krahe also played guitar and was renowned for having blood on his hands from playing without a guitar pick. Steve Cafiero rounded out the orinal four-piece lineup on drums. The band's first lineup change occurred when guitarist Ian Krahe died, reducing the band to three members for their first album, ''Aspirations". Recorded in five hours at Trafalgar Studios in Sydney, the album has been listed in the book 100 Best Australian Albums. The band split up shortly after the album's 1980 release. And I'm a fuckin' slob, click on the orange letter above and you find all the background to the album you need. More on Why March When You Can Riot?! and Rare Trax Vol.9 - Aspirations is released original on X-Records and to date several times re-released... justly!


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