Friday, 10 June 2016

DEO - s/t LP 1981

In 1980 DEO were formed in Oberhausen (Ruhrpott). On 'Innovative Communication', the record label of Klaus Schulze, the band released their only album, which they advertises with the slogan "with hell drive to the ruhr area. "We say what we think. We do not operate under the sledgehammer approach, but we still want to stimulate thinking. But always extremely pleasant and fresh", said the band 1982 in the Bravo. In fact, they were able to convince their lyrics with charme and a good choice of words. Kurt Hein was later replaced by Klaus Kranz and 1983 the band split after one single and one album. They were not professional musicians, each following a profession by: Harald Hoffmann was a photographer, Klaus Kranz was an electrical engineer, Andreas P. studied social pedagogy and Christoph A. studied languages. The quartet plays a solid wave/punkrock sound with a good dose of electronics... not bad.

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  1. Sounds good wman but pity so short a run but maybe for the better as I haven't heard this yet and now can relate to especially Klaus at my job but really after being a halfwit for 10 years with right brain dominance (yeah like that Angry Samoan's famous son in punk) I can try to relate to Andreas. You and Christoph could also be good pairing. So anyways, enjoy the weekend, I have a stock of 20-25 as usual for Sat. morning of all female artist since some are popular at the blog like Ellen Foley, Ellen Shipley, Annabella, Ms. Lamb, Eye To Eye last week with JET last LP made a nice lead-in to a theme as Dr. Drunk would do. Cheers for always the best in punk and new wave over here. Peace out...Viacom