Saturday, 11 June 2016

V/A - Oi! It's Party Time...For Working Class Kids! #2 EP 1996

Oi! is working class, and if you're not working class you'll get a kick in the bollocks - This is the second EP from the 'Oi!, It's Party Time...For Working Class Kids!' series without any party song. Anyway, I found this one at a record fair here in Frankfurt for cheap and so I'll take it with me. And we have four bands, two from France and one from Spain & Germany. All four songs quite cool and have the typical Oi! sound, but my favourite song comes from Pöbel & Gesocks which called "The Woman, Who Always Will" and that's I'm always ask myself too, hahaa - funny, but what kind of man doesn't wish to meet such so a hot woman? :)) Released by the french label One By One Records and the last post for now...Fuck!!, I'm very busy today and don't take it too seriously.

1.Outra Mais - RUIN BOIS
2.Long Chemin Mortel - CHARGE 69
3.Le Diable Est Avec Nous - TORQUE MADA
4.Die Frau Die Immer Will - PÖBEL & GESOCKS

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