Saturday, 11 June 2016

V/A - Hardcore Unlawful Assembly 1984

Another fuckin' shit compilation from the Nippon area is this sucker: eight combos, each with two goodies and if you are familiar with the spikey punkers from Asia, you know what awaits you. A decent mix of melodic punkrock, a little metal stuff and of course damn noise hardcore shit...there is nothing to complain about, released via AA Records, one of the first Japanese Punk & Oi! labels, most of their catalog is extremely sought after and is highly collectible. Fuck Off! if you don't like this sound.

 1.I Can't Trust A Woman - LAUGHIN' NOSE
2.Scene Death - LAUGHIN' NOSE
3.Charisma - MOBS
4.No More Hero - MOBS
5.1984 - COBRA
6.Inside Out - COBRA
7.Pental - LIP CREAM
8.Dazed Confused - LIP CREAM
9.Still Alive - GISM
10.Nervous Corpse - GISM
11.UK - OUTO
12.I Like Cola - OUTO
13.GI Joe - BAWS
14.Cowerd - BAWS
15.You Like It That Way - ZOUO
16.Frustration - ZOUO


  1. kein zurück...
    thx for the heads up! and all the support whatever happens...


  2. and give Rio a big hug!!