Wednesday, 15 June 2016

PANKRTI - Državni Ljubimci 1982

Well, it's been a bit quiet here but the reason is the European soccer championship in France and I try to see every match so a little sorry that I didn't respond emails or requests. So now a quick post between the matches and time again for some nice rare damn good stuff. Now we have here the second album of the punkrockers Pankrti from Ljubljana, Slovenia. Like the first one with fine melodic firecrackers which goes into the ears from the first tone till to last note. Powerful playing and a clean produce which brings every Pogogen to dance. Pankrti are again active since 2007 and so they are one of the longest living Punk-Bands from Yugoslavia. Get more via the search function in the top left. Strange cover by the way...


  1. Thank you very much,mate,a very rare stuff, indeed.By the way ...enjoy the Europena Cup and "See you" in the final (Germany-Spain...maybe?):) nice weekend

  2. that would be a great final, enjoy it too Lord!