Thursday, 16 June 2016

VEM BRYR SIG? - Va Fan E Re Nu Rå? EP 2009

A blast from the past: Vem Bryr Sig? from Lidingö formed in September 1979 and had their first concert at a talent show two weeks later. Played fairly extensively in the Stockholm area and Karlshamn until the split in 1981. They won after the jury has been threatened with beating if they did not vote for the band. The group was formed from the wreckage of a blues band as Janne Hoffner (guitar) and Patrick 'Pruten' Wedholm (drums) had. Hoffner and Pruten asked Weston if he wanted to sing in a punk band that he did, and with The Cramps modeled trio were ready to rock on Lidingö. Further line-up changes followed and the band played gigs at schools and other locations until the split in December 1981. The band never made a record but are included on the live compilation ”Lajv På Kulan” from 1981. In the book 'One two three four We're Vem Bryr Sig?' by the band's lead singer Henry Weston he wrote and published himself in true punk spirit the way of the band from its inception in 1979 to the end of 1980/81. The book became a minor underground hit. This led to Vem Bryr Sig? reunited in 2008. The band got the taste of blood and in April they went into the studio and recorded eight songs. Four of these are on this EP, originally written between 1979-1981, four crazy punk blasts in a typical kbd style, even after 30 years still fresh and uninhibited.

- Special Thx to Fredrik -

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