Thursday, 16 June 2016


The first release of this ultra-rare original Austrian pressing from 1983 shows the debut of two bands from Vienna. Now an extremely cool song from an extremely cool band: "Fress'n, Sauf'n, Scheiss'n, Prunz'n" is the ultimate rejection to the Austrian philistines with their 40-hour week, the obligatory television evening after work and the drunkexcesses around the corner. Austria needs to burn, all right? EXTREM founded already in the summer of 1979 in Vienna and went through a short time with some line-up changes, and Mickey Kodak, alias MICKEYMAN took them and recorded a split LP on their label Rebel. Recorded in July 1983 in the Gaga, the result was probably the harshest and toughest punkrock publication, which had until then spit the steak paradise to light. Oaschloch-Rhetoric in crude Viennese, jagged hardcore punk guitars and drums beating high-speed at the door to madness and say Serwas! I'm ahead of my time..' MICKEYMAN took them and recorded a split LP on his label Rebel. The American punk Magazine "Maximum Rock-N-Roll" reviews: The Extrem side is extreme! Raucous cycloning mayhem from Austria, enough driving power and insistent quickness to hurl you into a venture mega-speed craziness. Savage guitar grinds charge out a brutal slaughter of aggression and combustion, crammed into a wild seizure of raw energy. Extrem escalate with each zooming slice. Mickeyman is Austrian reggae done well, and their punk song is basic and humorous. Don't miss this album! - the Extrem stuff is drastic plastic. - Pushead (from Maximum Rocknroll #14, June 1984) - No wonder he invited them to contribute a song to his now legendary Cleanse The Bacteria compilation in 1985 and this was the first time that an Austrian punk band was released in the U.S. - In 1991 they changed their band name in EAT LEAD and disbanded at the end of the year, finally!

- Special Thx to Reinhard -

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