Saturday, 18 June 2016

OUR NEIGHBORS SUCK - Isolation 1985

After a very long time I have devoted my full attention to this record again. There are few Rock-O-Rama plates that I really like (approximately the first thirty releases) but the rest are scum. Well, now I'm landed on Isolation and after listening once I must say that ONS play a good hardcore rail. The sound here is a bit weak and so the songs lose their power but why they choose this German label is another story. Here's a short review: "Most of the songs by the Arizona-based band are in the medium-paced punk vein, with a few slower or more rapid-fire. The production sound is thick here and, combined with their rock influences, makes for a lot of listening. Not awesome, but well done. Question remains though why they chose this label often accused by German punks of pro-Nazi connections." - Tim Yohannan (from Maximum Rocknroll #33, February 1986) Well, nothing special but not that bad either.

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