Saturday, 18 June 2016

BOSKOPS - Sol 12 1983

Finest raw trashpunk by the Boskops from Hanover. Here's their awesome debut album with twenty-two killers. I remember after the first listen I was blowin' away by this energy & rage sound and the offensive lyrics, it's still fun listen again to them after all this years. The Boskops are a further band of my own early punk days and one of the best in Germany these days. The band founded between 1982 and 1983. Most of the members knew each other from the Hanoverian punk band Blitzkrieg. In 1983 they released Sol 12 on Frostschutz Records (unfortunately the record label got ruined shortly after the release). The brutality and speed of their songs made Boskops quite well known in the punk underground. In the same line-up they recorded later their second album Lauschgift, which was a bit slower but nevertheless with power and hardness. The participation on the We Don't Need Nuclear Force and the Hardcore Vol.1 compilations made Boskops known internationally. In 1988 the third album F.E.D.I.A. was released as a self-production with distinctly metallic elements, 1991 the last album Non Plus Ultra. End of the 1990s, the band broke up. A.M. Music published in the 90's all albums each a double pack on CD. Recordings from the never finished fifth album released in 2000 on the third BRD Punk Terror-Sampler Compilation on Nasty Vinyl. A German classic noble record and a fuckin' must have!!!

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