Thursday, 30 March 2017

V/A - Hardcore Vol.1 1988

This nice litte compilation was released via Starving Missile and one more Volume 1 of which there is no second, as so often. Mostly German bands present plus two from immediate neighborhood. Twelve, partly only here, solid punkies with the two, for me ingenious EA80 songs, especially Drums Over London which kicks in the original version is awesome. But even the other bands contribute to a not boring listening pleasure, no fillers on board and a top record, 1000 copies exist.

1.Machine Gun - ARTLESS
2.The Common Man - ARTLESS
3.Drums Over London - EA80
4.Straße Nach Nirgendwo - AIDSCATS
5.Kein Anlass Zur Romantik - AIDSCATS
6.Search & Destroy - K.G.B.
8.Run 'Til Death - CROWD OF ISOLATED
9.Ostsee - EA80
10.Schokolade & Schläge - BOSKOPS
11.Videot - BOSKOPS
12.Rudolf Hess - DREAM POLICE

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