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Saturday, June 18, 2016

BOSKOPS - Sol 12 1983

Finest raw trashpunk by the Boskops from Hanover. Here's their awesome debut album with twenty-two killers. I remember after the first listen I was blowin' away by this energy & rage sound and the offensive lyrics, it's still fun listen again to them after all this years. The Boskops are a further band of my own early punk days and one of the best in Germany these days. The band founded between 1982 and 1983. Most of the members knew each other from the Hanoverian punk band Blitzkrieg. In 1983 they released Sol 12 on Frostschutz Records (unfortunately the record label got ruined shortly after the release). The brutality and speed of their songs made Boskops quite well known in the punk underground. In the same line-up they recorded later their second album Lauschgift, which was a bit slower but nevertheless with power and hardness. The participation on the We Don't Need Nuclear Force and the Hardcore Vol.1 compilations made Boskops known internationally. In 1988 the third album F.E.D.I.A. was released as a self-production with distinctly metallic elements, 1991 the last album Non Plus Ultra. End of the 1990s, the band broke up. A.M. Music published in the 90's all albums each a double pack on CD. Recordings from the never finished fifth album released in 2000 on the third BRD Punk Terror-Sampler Compilation on Nasty Vinyl. A German classic noble record and a fuckin' must have!!!

Sunday, November 30, 2014

V/A - We Don't Need Nuclear Force 1985

Another important but small German punk label was Mülleimer Records from Stuttgart which put out some very good records from 1981-1986. Bands like Chaos-Z, Boskops, Normahl, Herbärds, Inferno and Maniacs, etc.. were thus known and this piece I think is the only international compilation on MR. The first pressing contained a strictly limited bonus EP and is much sought nowadays. A little review brings the sound to the point: "A pretty good world sampler featuring mostly previously released material that falls under the ranks of punk, hardcore, and post-punk. Some of the talents in the limelight are BOSKOPS, VARUKERS, TOXIC REASONS, RATTUS, WHITE FLAG, BRISTLES, and many others." - Martin Sprouse (from Maximum Rocknroll #36, May 1986) 
A good start for Sunday hopefully tonight ends with 3 points.

2.Cross To Bear - UPROAR
3.God Bless America - TOXIC REASONS
4.Warheros - BRISTLES
5.Addicted To The Night - MANIACS
6.Ticket To Moscow - WHITE FLAG
7.I've Got A Picture - AUSBRUCH
8.Boskops - BOSKOPS
9.1984 Part II - BRISTLES
10.Deutschland Brennt - AUSBRUCH
11.Victims - APPLIANCES
12.Cross Dogs - WHITE FLAG
13.Feministi - RATTUS
14.Seek & Destroy - VARUKERS
15.Doctor Moreau - HHH
16.Atomkrieger - NORMAHL
17.Wehr Dich - AUSBRUCH
18.Jede 7 Sekunden - BOSKOPS
19.Can't Get Away - TOXIC REASONS
20.Blood Money - VARUKERS
21.We Have The Right - VARUKERS
22.Medley - RATTUS


Wednesday, June 05, 2019

BOSKOPS - F.E.D.I.A. 1988

Classic third album by Boskops from Hanover on Boskops Produktion and where Lauschgift ends, goes F.E.D.I.A. seamlessly onwards: offensive, brutal and with clear words. They eyeing the stupid society, even in its own ranks, generating absurd images, global views, etc... Simple, but meaningful. I still like to hear them today and indispensable for every German punk friend. Da geht die Post ab wie es so schön heißt. In 1990, Boskops take part on the first Schlachtrufe BRD-Sampler compilation and a year later the last album Non Plus Ultra was released. End of the 90s the band broke up. Must have!

Saturday, March 17, 2018

V/A - Jung Kaputt Spart Altersheime! 1994

Let's open the icy Saturday with a tidbit of German punk culture which was immortalized by Nasty Vinyl unfortunately only on CD: Hannover Punk '78-'84. We meet old friends together with 'new' and unreleased goodies. Twenty-five dirty nasty songs, partly live and from practice rooms, who influenced the musical events in and around Hanover at the time and this small compilation offers a good insight of the former activities and highlights and it's great fun to hear the old classics again. I had them myself but gave them to a good buddy for a birthday. A few records of the bands are in the blog distributed, go and search for it.

1.Jung Kaputt Spart Altersheime - BÄRCHEN & DIE MILCHBUBIS
3.Bullenpogo - KLISCHEE
4.Samen Im Darm - CRETINS
5.Walter Sparbier Is Innocent - B-TEST
6.Rock'N'Roll Freitag - HANS-A-PLAST
7.Popper Sind Rosa - E-605
8.Jetzt Gibt's Krieg - BOSKOPS
9.Kein Problem - ROTZKOTZ
10.Schokoladenwürger - PHOSPHOR
11.Ohne Zukunft - BLITZKRIEG
12.Heimkind - CRETINS
14.Helmut Oxner - UMLEITUNG
15.Pogo Poppt Auf - BLUT+EISEN
16.Lemminger Punks - HANS-A-PLAST
18.Scheiss Punks - ALTE KAMERADEN
19.We're The Rest / Pressure Mark - ROTZKOTZ
21.Ab Ins Beerhouse - KONDENSATORS
22.Walter - CRETINS
23.B-Test Fickt Euch Alle - B-TEST
24.Feige Punx - BOSKOPS
25.Können Schweine Schwimmen? - BOSKOPS

Thursday, March 30, 2017

V/A - Hardcore Vol.1 1988

This nice litte compilation was released via Starving Missile and one more Volume 1 of which there is no second, as so often. Mostly German bands present plus two from immediate neighborhood. Twelve, partly only here, solid punkies with the two, for me ingenious EA80 songs, especially Drums Over London which kicks in the original version is awesome. But even the other bands contribute to a not boring listening pleasure, no fillers on board and a top record, 1000 copies exist.

1.Machine Gun - ARTLESS
2.The Common Man - ARTLESS
3.Drums Over London - EA80
4.Straße Nach Nirgendwo - AIDSCATS
5.Kein Anlass Zur Romantik - AIDSCATS
6.Search & Destroy - K.G.B.
8.Run 'Til Death - CROWD OF ISOLATED
9.Ostsee - EA80
10.Schokolade & Schläge - BOSKOPS
11.Videot - BOSKOPS
12.Rudolf Hess - DREAM POLICE

Sunday, May 31, 2020

V/A - Keine Experimente! 1983

In the early 80s there existed two essential labels in Germany, Aggressive Rockproduktionen (AGR) from Berlin and Weird System from Hamburg and numerous classics were published on both, while the Waterkants devoting more to the bands than AGR in terms of artwork, limited colored vinyl, lyric sheet, royalties, etc.... but both were significantly involved to give German punk socially acceptable in this country and over and above that. It wasn't as big as AGR, but their early releases count today as important cult factor. WS also became more interested in American bands from the mid-1980s and tried to give new musical impulses, great slabs were licensed and relevant contacts with overseas were created as well. Keine Experimente! was the third release and German bands were asked to send their demos with a bit of basisinfo & lyrics and the result is this fantastic compilation with largely exclusive songs, many became famous afterwards and are still among the best bands in Germany, no wonder that Vol.2 had to follow a year later. Enough Bla Bla, enjoy the old Gassenhauer and a relaxing Pentecost.

1.Ami-Fraß - RAZZIA
2.Du Denkst - BOSKOPS
3.4er-Tram - ZSD
4.Hate Your Neighbour/Feel Alright - THE BUTTOCKS
6.Alles Umsonst - BLUT+EISEN
8.Kriegszustand - RAZZIA
9.Leichenberg - DAILY TERROR
12.Deutsche Raus Aus Deutschland - THE BUTTOCKS
13.Terroristen - SS ULTRABRUTAL
14.Jacutin - BOSKOPS
15.Sex - ZSD
16.Ein Kessel Buntes - DAILY TERROR
17.You Could Be Me - SS ULTRABRUTAL


Thursday, December 25, 2014

OLSEN BANDE - Christmas EP 1993

One more fuckin' X-Mas post this year and soon again begins the routine called everyday. Gone are the quiet days and the madness in form of noise, people, cars, stress, etc.. begins again. Alle Jahre Wieder!!! - The Olsen Bande (featuring members of the legendary Boskops) from Hanover released three EP's during their existencen and send Christmas greetings with 3 aggressive snotty punk numbers. Song 1 was re-recorded and provided here with German texts (there's an English version available but i don't know where), the two others in English and treat the vexing issue with neighbors and the shitty society values. And after "Not My Life" comes a short fascinating Christmas poem, read by a young lady. This whole record is published by Nasty Vinyl and was only pressed 500 times.

Thursday, May 05, 2016

V/A - Neues Deutschland 1990

Another good record which I think apparently in the scene and not warmly accepted is this one. It is offered everywhere cheap and I don't know why. Maybe it lies partially at the band names which sounds jocularly or the cover looks worse or something like that... however, this compilation kicks & sounds not really funny at all. Almost all songs are exclusive and shortly after the german reunification, A.M. Music (none of my favourite labels) has published this little pearl. The lyrics quite offensive, political & personal, nevertheless sometimes funny as well (Hannen Alks) and musically perfect melodic punk sound. The arrangement of west & east bands works. All in all is this compilation a small piece of german subculture.

2.Komm Tanzen - DIE SKEPTIKER
3.Heho, Wir Kommen - DIE PILSKÖPFE
4.3.Oktober - WARNSTREIK
6.Vergiß Es Part I - BOSKOPS
7.Kaperfahrt Ins Mädcheninternat - HANNEN ALKS
8.Eisleben - MÜLLSTATION
9.Patrizia - WOMBELS
10.Wieviel 1000 Tage - DIE PILSKÖPFE
11.Viktor - FROHLIX
13.Ich Bin Dumm (Neue Version) - DIE LOKALMATADORE
14.Märzmädchen - HANNEN ALKS
15.Versagt - FROHLIX
16.Keep Your Feeling - WOMBELS

Sunday, September 21, 2014

KLISCHEE - Normalzustand 1981

Klischee was a Hanoverian political punk band that existed from 1980 to 1984. The band was established in autumn 1980 in Hanover by former members of the punk bands Kondenssators, Rosa and P 38. After about seven months the first album was recorded. This LP gave a very unconventional Punk sound, which is attributable to his strong ska influences about, combined with the extreme left political lyrics. In November 1981, Klischee separated from their former lyricist, singer and guitarist Uli Heuer after the live recordings for the compi Korn LIVE - Ab Geht Er. The ex-Blitzkrieg-member Peter Ahlers was previously in the Band to joined them. With the 1983 released single "Das war der wilde Westen" approached the band to a New Wave sound without losing some of their texts in political sharpness. Previously the band, however, started to change their sound: Spoo also played saxophone, as well as his and Heuer's new songs showed hints of funk and jazz. In July 1984 they played their last gig. Konrad Kittner works with the Abstürzende Brieftauben, which he founded a year before as side project. David Spoo first played with the Trashbirds and in 1987/88 he moved to the Gay City Rollers. Peter Ahlers played with the legendary Boskops then finally set up with Rats Got the Rabies. In 1994 a compilation CD 'Krieg In Den Städten' with all previously released songs plus six previously unreleased rehearsal room recordings saw the light of day. In addition, there are other songs from the band which were never released. Normalzustand is a very nice varied D-Punk album and belongs in every well-stocked household.

Sunday, March 27, 2022

V/A - P.E.A.C.E. Compilation 2LP 1984

I don't think this excellent release in form of a double record set can be more topical, and as we all have to realize, mankind hasn't gotten any wiser even after almost forty years. There is always some aggressor somewhere who expresses its sick ideology with lies and blind helpers and it is appalling that no diplomacy, no system, and no sensible compromise can prevent a violent confrontationPathetic, disappointing & lifeless all the pursuit of power and heroism. About the record: "This massive international Hardcore/Punk compilation features fifty-five bands/songs and was organized and released by the infamous MDC on the band's own label R Radical Records. The worldwide hardcore scene was at its peak at this point, still underground enough to repel corrupting outside influences like major labels and heavy metal, but already hardened into a rigid aesthetic and political dogma that often encouraged groupthink and musical conformity. P.E.A.C.E. documents the state of "Reagan-era" Hardcore, just before the popularity of extreme music spread through decidedly non-radical camps and into the mainstream. Among the fifty-five bands on board are well-known plus the best tracks by courtesy of obscure groups of the local scenes from Argentina, South Africa to Japan. Most of the bands included retain, either through design or some bizarre quirk of ineptitude, a stamp of individuality on their sound that makes this an entertaining collection.

An extensive booklet insert is packed with political rants, cartoons, and suggestions for further reading, making explicit the double-LP's theme of activism and action against a corrupt authority. Plus, each band is provided with a full page to express their ideas (and plug their wares) with printed lyrics and crudely effective collage art. Reissued on CD in 1997 by New Red Archives with bonus cuts." (Fred Beldin) - A real highlight of an international gathering that shows how it can work.

1.Up Against A Wall - ARTICLES OF FAITH
2.Endless Blockades For The Pussy Footer - G.I.S.M.
3.Ashes To Ashes - NEON CHRIST
4.Schlueters Kabinet - KALASHNIKOV
5.Time Will Tell - CAUSE FOR ALARM
7.Honour's Calling - UNWARRANTED TRUST
8.Finirà Mai? - WRETCHED
9.Drop The A-Bomb On Me - O.D.F.X
10.Here Come The Cops - THE AFFLICTED
11.Inutile Trionfo - DECLINO
12.Hope You Get Drafted - THE DICKS
13.Arms Race - B.G.K.
14.It's You - CRASS
15.Swastika Ratss - UPRIGHT CITIZENS
16.Banana Split Republic - FALSE PROPHETS
17.Nuclear Attack - MOB 47
18.Face Down In The Dirt - OFFENDERS
20.So Much Hate - S.C.U.M.
21.Viejos Pateticos - LOS VIOLADORES
22.Sometimes - DEADLOCK
23.Will It Ever End? - P.P.G.
24.Peace Of What? - TRASH
25.Police Brutality - VICIOUS CIRCLE
26.Gartlands Pit - CONDEMNED TO DEATH
27.Non Mi Dire - NEGAZIONE
28.America The Beautiful - D.O.A.
29.Snap - D.R.I.
30.Jump Back - PORNO PATROL
31.Drop Out - TREASON
32.Abortos - SHIT S.A.
33.Silence - SEPTIC DEATH
34.Life Of Punishment - C.C.M.
36.An Uneasy Peace - THE PROLETARIAT
37.From Protest To Resistance - CONFLICT
38.Battlefield (Nightmare) - ICONOCLAST
39.Pay For Shit - PANDEMONIUM
40.Kinky Sex Makes The World Go 'Rround - DEAD KENNEDYS
41.Skorbut - BOSKOPS
43.Peace Officer - WHITE LIE
44.R.A.T./Pentagone - WARGASM
45.Four More Hours - SLAUGHTERHOUSE 4
46.Finale - THE EXECUTE
47.Reagan Youth - REAGAN YOUTH
48.The Man Goes On - IMPACT
49.100 Million People Dead - BUTTHOLE SURFERS
50.Ataque - KANGRENA
52.No Mercy No War - BARELY HUMAN
53.Contro La Pace Contro La Guerra - R.A.F. PUNK
54.Moment By Moment/Exiled Shadows - ZENZILE
55.Missile Destroyed Civilization - MDC

Friday, May 27, 2022

RAT'S GOT THE RABIES - Trashy Life EP 1988

Ex-Boskops veterans Pedder (vocals/bass), Ralle (guitars), Raffa (drums) founded Rat's Got The Rabies in Hanover 1988 and released in their short life-span two 7Inches on Schlawiner Records and one full-length Crassfish via Nasty Vinyl/Double A Records. The three play powerful, solid mid-tempo stuff with English lyrics and didn't attract much attention, which I think is a bit of a shame, because the band definitely doesn't have to hide. But at the end of the Eighties, the Hardcore wave and hoodies came along and pushed straight Punkrock the hard shoulder. Anyway, I'm too tired to waste any more words on this topic and in a few hours it's the weekend and as a kick-off for the same the four songs fit in brilliantly, believe me. 😋

Saturday, November 29, 2014

CANAL TERROR - Zu Spät 1983

Next classic German Punk album is the debut record from Canal Terror and I don't know how many times I played this LP up and down: angry, aggressive, rebellious music which has nothin' lost of their rudeness. Founded 1980 in Bonn by Tommy, Volker and Dominik, 15 to 17 years old, in the following year 14-year-old drummer Rainer completed the band. 1981 published the first demo recordings and a Super-8 film on which they introduced for the first time their most popular song 'Staatsfeind'. In December, the band participated on the compilation Soundtracks Zum Untergang 2 (AGR). Canal Terror played this year their first concerts outside of Cologne and Bonn with Black Flag, Minutemen, Slime, OHL, etc... More demo tapes were released in the following two years. In December 1982 they recorded their debut LP, appeared due to differences with label boss Karl-Ulrich Walterbach, in the spring of 1983. Tommy left the band in 1983 after internal disputes and Rainer moved to the micro. Ex-Toxoplasma bassist Stefan came as a drummer. Frank Glienke ("KutA") was for a few concerts the second guitarist but left the band very soon. The group toured again with Razzia, Inferno, Neurotic Arseholes, Boskops, Die Ärzte, etc... and the recordings for the compilation Underground Hits 2 emerged. Again it come to quarrels and Dominik and then Volker left the band. The band continued until 1984 by Rainer and Stefan and with other members. On the Dutch sampler 'Babylon Bleibt Fahren' the song "Staatsfeind" was in a live version on it and shortly after this release the band split up for good. In December 1991 the band played in the original line-up a unique concert in the Biscuithalle/Bonn, together with Toxoplasma, Die Skeptiker and the British band Urge. In 1992 Red Rossetten Records released a CD with recordings of this gig under the title "Live In Bonn". AGR reissued without the permission of the band their first album in the 90's and so Canal Terror secured in a trial against AGR the rights to their songs. A Review: "Canal Terror produce diverse hardcore material on their debut album, including full-tilt thrash ("Multis," the title cut, etc.), Oi!-influenced stuff ("Bonn-Duell"), '77 punk with melodic guitars ("100 Mann"), reggae-punk mixtures ("Mallorca"), some cool Rock'N'Roll ("Hey"), and even a funnypunk version of "My Bonnie." The guitars should have been emphasized more in the mix, but this record is still entertaining as hell." - Jeff Bale (from MMR #8, September 1983) / That's the story so far, for me another major record which is second to none today.