Thursday, December 25, 2014

OLSEN BANDE - Christmas EP 1993

One more fuckin' X-Mas post this year and soon again begins the routine called everyday. Gone are the quiet days and the madness in form of noise, people, cars, stress, etc.. begins again. Alle Jahre Wieder!!! - The Olsen Bande (featuring members of the legendary Boskops) from Hanover released three EP's during their existencen and send Christmas greetings with 3 aggressive snotty punk numbers. Song 1 was re-recorded and provided here with German texts (there's an English version available but i don't know where), the two others in English and treat the vexing issue with neighbors and the shitty society values. And after "Not My Life" comes a short fascinating Christmas poem, read by a young lady. This whole record is published by Nasty Vinyl and was only pressed 500 times.

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