Wednesday, 24 December 2014

WELLBLECH UNTERGRUND - Woher Wohin 7'' 1983

Wellblech Untergrund were founded in 1981 as a four piece band in the Linz area. While they initially played Party Punk with many cover versions, they quickly found their own style with lots of melody, polyphonic songs and uncomplicated lyrics moulted thus secures its place at the Linzer punk headquarter Kapu. After their debut single in 1983, they contributed two numbers to the Sparkassen sampler called '2. Linzer Rock Nacht', which "Heut Nacht" is one of their strongest songs. Topic is a Saturday night in the town: going out, meet friends and get girls. The lyrics read like a confession of youth punk culture in every village and a very charming post donates to a comprehensive understanding of the phenomenon Punk in Austria. Wellblech Untergrund developed in the following years to a rudimentary psychedelic avant-rock band and performed in the mid 80s as opening act for Einstürzende Neubauten and The Jazz Butcher in Vienna. From start to finish they played in the same occupation and broke up in 1988. "The departure from the scene was not much fanfare. The band broke up, because the air was simply out", recalled Wellblech singer Tomislav Zuljecic in the late nineties, in a letter to Alexander Magrutsch. Too bad, I think, because the two songs here have everything what a good punk record should.

- Extra Special Thanx to Reinhard -

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  1. Again, a nice single for christmas!