Sunday, January 25, 2015

V/A - Korn LIVE!!! Ab Geht Er 1982

Here's a famous live compilation and I'm glad I found this short info on discogs which I like to use here: "This is the first Korn sampler with only bands from Hannover/Germany and all recordings were taken live from the festival on the 21st of November 1981 in the UJZ Kornstraße ("unabhängiges Jugendzentrum", which means "independent youth center") with the exception of Kaltwetterfront. Kaltwetterfront made a recording available, which they did 3 month before in Austria from a cassette recorder. All songs were recorded from the Tonkoop-Hannover, which has their origin in the UJZ Kornstraße as well." The sound quality is consistently okay, each band give everything and I think this record is a brilliant cross-section that shows Hannover had some good bands. Pure Punk!!!

1.Im Übungsraum - KLISCHEE
2.Das Schwein - KLISCHEE
3.Hinterland - KLISCHEE
4.Shake - KLISCHEE
5.In Der Nacht - KLISCHEE
6.Dalli Dalli - KLISCHEE
7.Lilli Marleen - LE CRASH
8.Sofia Loren - LE CRASH
9.Reich'n Roll - LE CRASH
10.Werbung - WUTSTOCK
11.Ronald Reagan - WUTSTOCK
12.Haimat - WUTSTOCK
13.Hardcore - WUTSTOCK
14.Abgebrannt - ARISTOCATS
15.Wir Leben Alle - ARISTOCATS
16.Bullen In Die Leine - ARISTOCATS
17.Meine Nachbarn - BLITZKRIEG
18.Punkie '81 - BLITZKRIEG
20.Pogo, Pogo - Patz, Patz!!! - BLITZKRIEG
21.Revolverheld - KALTWETTERFRONT
22.Wild West Orgie - KALTWETTERFRONT
23.Aus Lauter Liebe - KALTWETTERFRONT


  1. Hallo,das ist der erste link, den ich finden konnte in deinem lobenswerten blog,der nicht mehr aktiv ist-könntest du den nochmal zur verfügung stellen?

  2. Leider nicht mehr verfügbar. Möglich die Scheibe nochmal hochzuladen?


  3. Prima, "Meine Nachbarn" freuen sich. ;-)