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Friday, May 22, 2020

V/A - Bakverk 80 1979

Friday, weekend and I say "Hello folks" with another rare record from Sweden and I'm sure you'll like it. Released via Musiknätet Waxholm (MNW) Records and three bands from Stockholm are represented here. First Kurt Sune Med Berits, better known as KSMB, with seven solide '77 crackers which require no further words, simply delicate. The Travolta Kids celebrate a dose of powerpop and they for me set, game & match. Catchy tunes with a high addiction factor. They made two 7Inches and I recommend to listen at their album which they released in 1980, a real masterpiece. Last but not least the Incest Brothers, their only release is a mini 12'' called Tre Ar Försent on Rosa Honung Records and a lot of compilation songs. Overall, a very successful Platte with plenty songs plus one of the most creative covers I think, and with this cake I leave the stage for breakfast.

1.Bohman - KSMB
2.Abab - KSMB
3.Hårding - KSMB
4.Miltärlåten - KSMB
5.Förortsbarn - KSMB
6.Jag Vill Dö - KSMB
7.Muf - KSMB
9.Tryck På Knappen - TRAVOLTA KIDS
10.Tunnbrödsrulle - TRAVOLTA KIDS
11.Nick Carter - TRAVOLTA KIDS
12.Bli Polis - TRAVOLTA KIDS
13.Bill Å Bull - TRAVOLTA KIDS
14.Titta På Den Här - TRAVOLTA KIDS
15.Lördagspunk - INCEST BROTHERS
16.Discofnask - INCEST BROTHERS
18.Pubertetsproblem - INCEST BROTHERS
20.Arbetslös - INCEST BROTHERS

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

STOCKHOLMS NEGRER - Fy Fan Svenska Flicka 7'' + Jag Är En Vit Neger 7'' 1985

Stockholms Negrer was a Swedish punk band, active with concerts in the second half of the 1980s. They released four 7inches and three albums, here are their first two ones. Formed by Michael Alonzo from KSMB with amongst other his brother "Totte". Johan Johansson the drummer from KSMB played drums on the first Stockholm Negrer record and did some gigs with the band, but was never a real member of the band. He had his own band at the same time called Strindbergs, Lutte Larsson, an other drummer for the band, earlier played in Sixten Redlös. During the 90th century the first half, they continued to play much but made no further recordings. Their provocative lyrics and image still continues to annoy and upset. For example, the two songs from 1986, "Gratis Hora (Free Whore)" and "Djävulsrasen (Devil's Race)" are so controversial that they were forbidden to be given out on vinyl and exists today only in some occasional surreptitious copies of cassettes, distributed by the group friends. Rough '77 punk sound with a lot of tempo, a typical Swedish classic record. Nothing wrong here! After the reunion of KSMB the band split up. Compilation featuring the band: "Kyssar Från MNW", "Volym 4 Den Bästa Svenska Musiken 80-Tal" and "Svenska Punkklassiker Volym 2".

- Special Thx to Fredrik -

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

KSMB - Rika Barn Leka Bäst 1981

On their second album "Rika Barn Leka Bäst" (transl. Rich Feather Flock Together) KSMB left the punk in part on this record, I mean, it's still there, but this album is very different from their brilliant debut album Aktion. It is widely regarded as the worst of KSMB's only three albums and was also a step away from pure punk (test for comparison this small 7'' collection). One track (Blått & Guld), for example, included a brass ensemble. That first sounds scary and sometimes I think the record is extremely poppy but if I longer to this album so I think it has been criticized unfairly pejorative. Well, today thirty years later, we look on it with different ears and I wish there were more bands playing this kind of music. So I mean this is a cool powerpop/punk album and I think it will convince you. Would be interesting to know what you think.

- Special Thx to Fredrik -

Friday, December 08, 2017

ALONZO & FAS 3 - Dansa Som En Fjäril 7'' 2012

Now something almost new with Michael Alonzo (singer of KSMB) have not made music since KSMB's reunification in the early 90's, but now he felt it was time and in summer he contacted bassist Inge Johansson from The (International) Noise Conspiracy. The band, Fas 3 is Sulo (acoustic guitar) from Diamond Dogs, Nicke Andersson on guitar (Hellacopters), Tony Johansson (guitar) and Tomas on drums. This is their debut record, released on Ny Våg Records and you get two tracks and both pretty damn good. The title track is a perfect upper mid-tempo punk rock number, powerful & melodic while the flip starts tranquil and increases slowly to a proper ballad. I like both songs even if the length is more than three minutes and those of you who like the legendary KSMB albums is well served here and all others become new fans. Alonzo & Phase 3's debut album is released on Blue Fin Recordings in 2013 and the second 'Hur Du Blir En Man' (300 copies) two years later. Also Obacht!!

- Special Thx to Fredrik -

Friday, January 23, 2015

V/A - Klart För Laddning! 1980

The not well punkist LP on Wdthtc I have now for you and some of you out there will wondering what this compilation is doin' here. I would describe the sound here as lame pop, prog rock or Swedish folk and the best track on it is the KSMB song which is a reggae punk tune and I mean they sing here in Italian (wait, I listen a 2nd time...yes it's Italian), awesome really, mention is also the Chamber Music Track from Nya Ljudbolaget which is not bad anyway and I really like it because sometimes I need the old heroes ala Beethoven, Grieg or Mozart. The rest sucks pretty as hell, haha.... and I know this record have not much playing time here. Check out for yourselfs and tell me how the Plate is for you.

1.Rock'N'Roll Till Frukost - LOLLO ASPLUND
2.Pavero Papa (Stackars Påven) - KSMB
3.Goza Rumbero - PER CUSSION
5.Trio/När Gryningen Kommer - NYA LJUDBOLAGET
6.Avenyn - HÄXFEBER
7.Elefantminne - EGBA
8.Dagens Repris (Sången Om Lili Marlene) - TORE BERGER
9.Försent - ROCKVINDAR

- Special Thx to Fredrik -

Monday, June 08, 2015

KSMB - 7Inch Collection 1980-1981

Yet a nice collection of 7Inches by this Stockholm based punk band KSMB, they were maybe the band with the most releases that time and they're pretty '77 punk. They changed their sound with their second album a little bit but this is cool and they lost not their power & energy. You can convince yourself here with these four singles right now and the Dagen Då Alla Gav Upp 7'' is until today unpublished and the story why explains Johan Johansson (drummer 1978 - 1982) on his page. About the singles here I save my words, excellent KBD punk rock how I love it and as you know it. And if you like their stuff then I'm gonna post their first two albums and more.

- Huge Thx to Fredrik -

Saturday, October 16, 2021

INCEST BROTHERS - Tre År Försent 12'' 1984

Incest, because they cheated on each other. Brothers, because they hated the thump-thump culture of the disco freaks. How angry can punk band better periodize all that shit, than with a dressy obscene name? Incest Brothers Founded autumn 1978 in Järfälla. Hasse (vocals) and Sir N (guitars) bused their band on the Stockholm audience for the first time in the autumn of 1977. Then followed typical time chaos and a gathering of wannabees went in and out of the lineup. When Sören (drums) and the band's fifty-eleventh bassist Tompa dropped out in early 1978, they quickly and uncomfortably reduced to a duo. Luckily, the Nuts (another unhappy Feierabendcombo) were in Järfälla and Vortex (guitars) and Mongo (bass) joined them. Happy (drums) had his own whirlpool and a hi-hat so he also got to join. However, the new Incest Brothers were too small for both Hasse and Sir N. After two gigs, Hasse was fired, Sir N & Mongo shared then the singing chores.

In fall of 1978, they closed themselves in and practiced hard and purposefully for six months, and at Christmas time, gigs were held. The feature of palace shawls and Ebba Grön sprayed leather jackets in the audience was striking. Incest Brothers, with their British punk exterior and witty humor, could hardly be bundled with the ultra-orthodox prog punk. But the song repertoire's socially critical lyrics, performed in angry Swedish, still made it crystal clear that the band belonged to the political punk phalanx. After two years of ravaging Stockholm's suburbs, Incest Brothers' first chance came to record a piece of wax and the ticket was called Bakverk 80, a brilliant collection with KSMB and Travolta Kids. The group had recorded half a dozen songs for the record in the fall of 1979, just a few months after Vortex had left and been replaced by John.

Around the turn of the year 1979-1980 was at the peak of their popularity. They became part at a live EP named Musikverket and in December 1979 participated in Studio S infected TV debate about punkrockers and the fatherland. Filmmaker and author Kristian Petri wanted to do a kind of "They Call Us Courage" about the punk generation, which resulted in "Incest - The Movie", a documentary about the band that was broadcast in February 1981. Before filming began, the band had a new member with Pettson (keys). Essing, who was considered too troublesome for the band's best, had been fucked six months before and instead started playing with UschThe conflict between the group's two front figures deepened with the result that Mongo dropped out. The others continued in the spring of 1981 as a trio. He returned for one last concert in Karlshamn. That farewell was covered by the evening press and later broadcast on the radio's "Ny Våg", the band had then made about a hundred gigs since the start in 1977.

In 1984 the Gang Of Four was discovered by the Rosa Honung label and invited them to spend some time to record new stuff and together with a few old songs from the early days, six tracks were pressed on vinyl. The album's title Tre År Försent was telling in more ways than one: for the new generation of hardcore punk, Incest Brothers was passé. (source: Ny Våg)

Tuesday, September 14, 2021

GRISEN SKRIKER - Forsta & Sista EP 1979

Another cool punk band were Grisen Skriker (The Pig Screams) from Sweden and they were formed in autumn 1978 in Farsta, Stockholm by Henrik (vocals), Per & Hasse (guitars), Martin (bass), Mats (drums) and they had their first gig on 23. October that year. The band became one of Stockholm's biggest punk bands along with bands like Ebba Grön, KSMB and SkabbThey came as a fresh breath and as a kick right up in the then prevailing self-righteous Swedish pop and rock music. During their short active period the band released two EP's on Silence Zing Records and carry fifty-two gigs around Stockholm and other places in Sweden and they were famous for their wild theatric live performances. In 1995 came a CD via Silence Records out with both EP's and four bonus cuts (which unfortunately disappeared due to my carelessness). The band then split up in August 1979. Shortly afterwards some of the members formed the Rockets but I don't know much about them. Grisen Skriker contribute two songs on the legendary live compilation Oasen which was released in 1979 via MNW and on other relevant slabsOverall two cool records with brilliant '77 punk goodies and their sound is a bit different to other bands which otherwise I know from Sweden in my opinion. TOP!

Saturday, August 01, 2015

ZÄPO - Född Kanonmat 7'' + Fyra Låtar 12'' 1982

For over a year this file is unseen around here, finally I make acquaintance with them: Zäpo (Swedish Police is called SÄPO) is a band from Partile, near Gothenborg and was founded by Bjarne Olsson (bass & vox), Johan Andersson (guitar) and Jörgen Tjusling (drums). They released one 7inch and a 12'' on Nacksving before they disbanded. The band is very unknown presumably they had a lot of gigs only in Gothenburg and environment and their records pressed in limited editions. Who Knows? Certain is that the three celebrate an exquisite Punk Rock sound with tempo and potential. After the Zäpo years Bjarne & Johan started Walther (later The Sonic Walthers) and Johan played with Johan Johansson in KSMBCompilations: GBG Punk Volym Två - 1980-1984 and 33 Till (Svensk Punk/New Wave/Synth 1977-1982). Grab it!

- Special Thx to Fredrik -

Saturday, September 12, 2015


Here's more rare stuff from the three crowns country and with their debut 7inch 'En Spark Rätt I Skallen' the band break through. Fiendens Musik is located at the intersection of punk prog rock. Although they came to life late 1977, just punk begins, so let them not quite as punk, but somewhere between prog rock and punk. But good was it anyway and it does not prove at least their first album which is one of the best punk records released in Sweden. Their debut is just as cult as the plates at any time with Ebba Grön, KSMB or Attentat. Most of the songs on the album are incredibly good fast punkrock. Stand out a little plate making local radio, which is relatively quiet in comparison with the surrounding grooves. If you've never heard anything from the band before, you must immediately throw you over the song "En Spark Rätt I Skallen", a kick right in the shells. Fiendens Musik has also released a second LP called "Häftiga Hästen & Andra Äventyr" which also has some good punk songs. Perhaps it could be a future project to provide it for incorporation into the Past? (Patrick Carlson)

- Huge Thx to Fredrik -

Monday, June 29, 2020

TRAVOLTA KIDS - Veckans Brott EP 1979 + Det Känns Okej EP 1980

First I came in touch with this nice band as I found their first record on kbdrecords (one of the earliest blogs I know and one which I still follow). Check in if you looking for '77 exotic stuff and more, definitely worth it. Travolta Kids were a punk band during the big 77-point scale in Sweden. They were formed in 1977 in Åkersberga/Stockholm and were a six/seven piece band. They release their debut EP on Bröderna Surf and this record has four simple cozy garage numbers on it and you can really feel the spirit of a new subculture. In Sweden, U.K., Germany, France, etc. .. punk was born and many young and nowadays great bands were founded and the virus quickly spread over the entire planet (with a few exceptions).

The recordings here stimulate me always so I dance to kitchen and get another cup of coffee. After the EP they put seven new songs on the brilliant Bakverk 80 compilation on MNW Records. Further Bands here are KSMB and the Incest Brothers. A tour of all three bands together followed through Sweden and I'm sure those were cool gigs. The band changed the label and the second EP 'Det Känns Okej' was released on Mistlur with three cuts. This record goes more into PowerPop and I like the harmonic melodies which pull through and the sound is a bit better. In the same year they released their only full length album, again on Mistlur & is also present in the Blog. Directly after the LP the band split up. I have read the LP should be far away from their original sound and offers more shallow pop scrap. What do you think? The band features on various compilations, worth mentioning the Musikverket EP, Ny Våg 78-82 and Bloodstains Across Sweden #2A better opener for a shitty Monday is not possible today.

Saturday, December 31, 2022

STRINDBERGS - Bibeln 1983

Interesting band (named after Swedish author August Strindbergfrom Stockholm that create a nice New Wave sound with a guitar flashing here and there that also sounds punkie at times, but the most part the tracks stay true to the three-minute framework. At first I was a bit skeptical because of the cover and the band name, but when converting the files I became friends with them and even listened twice, you see... the stuff works. You need food: Strindberg's original members consisted of the former KSMB drummer Johan Johansson on guitar & vocals, the former the Moderns bassist Janne Borgh on vocals & bass and Johan Carlén on drums. The latter stopped after the recording of the album Bombpartyt to concentrate on art studies. He was replaced by Pär Lundström, who started playing with the band during its last tour. During Strindberg's short time, they managed to release three albums & three singles. The first album was though to be a live album from a concert @ the Ultra house in Stockholm but a mistake by the sound technician led to that nothing was recorded that day and the album Bibeln was instead recorded in studio. The mini-album Med Strindbergs Ur Tiden came about as a result of a couple of days of studio time when a new single was to be recorded, but instead the group had time to make a whole album. The sound on the album is simple and raw, and sounds more like the band could sound live. The last album, Bombpartyt, was recorded six months later. Hard tour life and private problems led a little later to the split of the band. There were two compilations released on CD: Strindbergs (1990) and Släktklenoder 82-84 (2005).

In 2009, the band reunited at the Peace & Love festival and on the roof of Kulturhuset together with the drummer from Hellacopters, Robert Eriksson. The gigs were so much fun that there were repeats in 2010 with two gigs @ Kulturhustaket and one @ Ögir in Köping, and 2011 with a gig again at Kulturhustaket. 2012 was the international year of Strindberg and the band then played a few exclusive gigs around Sweden, including at a sold-out Nalen in Stockholm and @ Sticky Fingers in Gothenburg. The line-up consisted of Johan Johansson, Janne Borgh and again drummer Robban Eriksson from Hellacopters. Since then, the band has repeatedly played single gigs with the same line-up.

I think, a nice record that is good for stress relief.

- Great Thx to Fredrik -

Sunday, September 27, 2015

BRÖDERNA - Politiker 7'' 1984

Bröderna is a punk band from Vetlanda and that's already all I know. On this brilliant record are two decent smashers in the vein of Ebba Grön or KSMB. I don't know why but they were not on the three Bloodstains compilations and I found sadly no info in the www. So you see this is very rare stuff. Both songs are great, have an excellent speed and pure power full shred, sung in swedish and adapt to any private fireworks. Check it out!