Monday, 29 June 2020

TRAVOLTA KIDS - Veckans Brott EP 1979 + Det Känns Okej EP 1980

First I came in touch with this nice band as I found their first record on kbdrecords (one of the earliest blogs I know and one which I still follow). Check in if you looking for '77 exotic stuff and more, definitely worth it. Travolta Kids were a punk band during the big 77-point scale in Sweden. They were formed in 1977 in Åkersberga/Stockholm and were a six/seven piece band. They release their debut EP on Bröderna Surf and this record has four simple cozy garage numbers on it and you can really feel the spirit of a new subculture. In Sweden, U.K., Germany, France, etc. .. punk was born and many young and nowadays great bands were founded and the virus quickly spread over the entire planet (with a few exceptions).

The recordings here stimulate me always so I dance to kitchen and get another cup of coffee. After the EP they put seven new songs on the brilliant Bakverk 80 compilation on MNW Records. Further Bands here are KSMB and the Incest Brothers. A tour of all three bands together followed through Sweden and I'm sure those were cool gigs. The band changed the label and the second EP 'Det Känns Okej' was released on Mistlur with three cuts. This record goes more into PowerPop and I like the harmonic melodies which pull through and the sound is a bit better. In the same year they released their only full length album, again on Mistlur & is also present in the Blog. Directly after the LP the band split up. I have read the LP should be far away from their original sound and offers more shallow pop scrap. What do you think? The band features on various compilations, worth mentioning the Musikverket EP, Ny Våg 78-82 and Bloodstains Across Sweden #2A better opener for a shitty Monday is not possible today.

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