Friday, November 28, 2014

V/A - Musikverket EP 1980

Stranded Rekords, sometimes just called Stranded, is a Swedish record label founded in 1979 by Klas Lunding. The label was as a continuation of the fanzine Stranded, started in 1978 in Stockholm, which published texts on the new music style, new wave and punk. Their first release is this EP called Musikverket, which came out 1980 and the songs were recorded live in Stockholm and all tunes are fuckin' amazing. Travolta Kids, Incest Brothers or Watabout here are the known bands and they released a few records too, the other bands are probably dayflys and only here on it. Aside from all they do their job excellent and the recording sound quality is worth hearing and after 13 minutes the spook's already over. Worse luck! Stranded's motto was "Style, Beauty & Elegance." That hits the nail on the point I would say. Polar Music bought into the company in 1982 to completely take over in 1984 and then close down the label in 1986. What remains is another KBD pearl which will no longer wait to be heard.

1.Hur Ska Det Gå - WATABOUT
2.Progressiv - STALIN BOYS
4.Falsk Matematik - TRAVOLTA KIDS
5.Glass - QUIZZ KIDS
6.Vi Tjejer E En Blaska - ANKSDANK
7.Jag E Allan - OINKS


  1. I know I appealed to your generosity for another re up just moments ago, but I figured what the hell, with a repost of this I could join the .00001% of people who can listen to the entire recorded output of The Travolta Kids on any given day.
    Double cheers from San Francisco, where Beer is an essential product