Tuesday, 23 December 2014

STOCKHOLMS NEGRER - Fy Fan Svenska Flicka 7'' + Jag Är En Vit Neger 7'' 1985

Stockholms Negrer was a Swedish punk band, active with concerts in the second half of the 1980s. They released four 7inches and three albums, here are their first two ones. Formed by Michael Alonzo from KSMB with amongst other his brother "Totte". Johan Johansson the drummer from KSMB played drums on the first Stockholm Negrer record and did some gigs with the band, but was never a real member of the band. He had his own band at the same time called Strindbergs, Lutte Larsson, an other drummer for the band, earlier played in Sixten Redlös. During the 90th century the first half, they continued to play much but made no further recordings. Their provocative lyrics and image still continues to annoy and upset. For example, the two songs from 1986, "Gratis Hora (Free Whore)" and "Djävulsrasen (Devil's Race)" are so controversial that they were forbidden to be given out on vinyl and exists today only in some occasional surreptitious copies of cassettes, distributed by the group friends. Rough '77 punk sound with a lot of tempo, a typical Swedish classic record. Nothing wrong here! After the reunion of KSMB the band split up. Compilation featuring the band: "Kyssar Från MNW", "Volym 4 Den Bästa Svenska Musiken 80-Tal" and "Svenska Punkklassiker Volym 2".

- Special Thanx to Fredrik -

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