Tuesday, 23 December 2014

OHL - Jenseits Von Gut & Böse 1986

Formed January 1980 in Leverkusen by singer under the stage name "German W" (W stands for "resistance"). Four years after the start of the punk wave in the U.K. was OHL one of the first German punk bands. OHL, an acronym for Supreme Army Command were one of the pioneers of German punk. The band is due to their political texts and iconography throughout their military record covers as controversial. After a self-distributed cassette Herbert Egoldt paid attention to the band and produced two EPs and their first LP "Heimatfront" on his label Rock-O-Rama. The band was, like most punk bands, fierce, uncompromising and provocative. Lyrically polemic against both the radical left and the radical right, mixed with a wild and hard sound are OHL a perfect example of German hardcore punk. "Jenseits Von Gut & Böse" is a no hard hitting political punk album like the previous ones but its still the most mature work of this period. May you be surprised but I promise you this is real OHL and this pretty record should be in every record collection.

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