Monday, 8 June 2015

KSMB - 7Inch Collection 1980-1981

Yet a nice collection of 7Inches by this Stockholm based punk band KSMB, they were maybe the band with the most releases that time and they're pretty '77 punk. They changed their sound with their second album a little bit but this is cool and they lost not their power & energy. You can convince yourself here with these four singles right now and the Dagen Då Alla Gav Upp 7'' is until today unpublished and the story why explains Johan Johansson (drummer 1978 - 1982) on his page. About the singles here I save my words, excellent KBD punk rock how I love it and as you know it. And if you like their stuff then I'm gonna post their first two albums and more.

- Huge Thanx to Fredrik -


  1. Thank you for these KSMB singles!
    Do you have their first two LPs?

    1. get their first record here: