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INCEST BROTHERS - Tre År Försent 12'' 1984

Incest, because they cheated on each other. Brothers, because they hated the thump-thump culture of the disco freaks. How angry can punk band better periodize all that shit, than with a dressy obscene name? Incest Brothers Founded autumn 1978 in Järfälla. Hasse (vocals) and Sir N (guitars) bused their band on the Stockholm audience for the first time in the autumn of 1977. Then followed typical time chaos and a gathering of wannabees went in and out of the lineup. When Sören (drums) and the band's fifty-eleventh bassist Tompa dropped out in early 1978, they quickly and uncomfortably reduced to a duo. Luckily, the Nuts (another unhappy Feierabendcombo) were in Järfälla and Vortex (guitars) and Mongo (bass) joined them. Happy (drums) had his own whirlpool and a hi-hat so he also got to join. However, the new Incest Brothers were too small for both Hasse and Sir N. After two gigs, Hasse was fired, Sir N & Mongo shared then the singing chores.

In fall of 1978, they closed themselves in and practiced hard and purposefully for six months, and at Christmas time, gigs were held. The feature of palace shawls and Ebba Grön sprayed leather jackets in the audience was striking. Incest Brothers, with their British punk exterior and witty humor, could hardly be bundled with the ultra-orthodox prog punk. But the song repertoire's socially critical lyrics, performed in angry Swedish, still made it crystal clear that the band belonged to the political punk phalanx. After two years of ravaging Stockholm's suburbs, Incest Brothers' first chance came to record a piece of wax and the ticket was called Bakverk 80, a brilliant collection with KSMB and Travolta Kids. The group had recorded half a dozen songs for the record in the fall of 1979, just a few months after Vortex had left and been replaced by John.

Around the turn of the year 1979-1980 was at the peak of their popularity. They became part at a live EP named Musikverket and in December 1979 participated in Studio S infected TV debate about punkrockers and the fatherland. Filmmaker and author Kristian Petri wanted to do a kind of "They Call Us Courage" about the punk generation, which resulted in "Incest - The Movie", a documentary about the band that was broadcast in February 1981. Before filming began, the band had a new member with Pettson (keys). Essing, who was considered too troublesome for the band's best, had been fucked six months before and instead started playing with UschThe conflict between the group's two front figures deepened with the result that Mongo dropped out. The others continued in the spring of 1981 as a trio. He returned for one last concert in Karlshamn. That farewell was covered by the evening press and later broadcast on the radio's "Ny Våg", the band had then made about a hundred gigs since the start in 1977.

In 1984 the Gang Of Four was discovered by the Rosa Honung label and invited them to spend some time to record new stuff and together with a few old songs from the early days, six tracks were pressed on vinyl. The album's title Tre År Försent was telling in more ways than one: for the new generation of hardcore punk, Incest Brothers was passé. (source: Ny Våg)

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