Friday, 15 October 2021

V/A - German Mystic Sound Sampler IV 1993

Last Mystic stuff for now, because I'm getting slowly sluggish when I listen too much of the black sounds. Volume IV speaks and is a little more interesting than its predecessor and with more steam in the ass. Let's forget about the lame opener (gähn) and go straight to the Hamburg combo Girls Under Glass who were already guest on the second wave, who exude a hard industrial beat with loud metallic clinking guitars, pleases. The Caves is nothing special, except the singer, is this Roland Orzabal? Aurora is squeaky music and to be honest, my farts sound similar, hahaha... next track is a solid one: impulsive, spherical & beautifully monotonous and really true to the compi title. Torts Of Dartmoor starts acoustic and turns into a solid mid-tempo number but limited to the chorus from around the middle of the song and gets boring with every minute, fall leaves is more exciting. Escape With Romeo from Cologne does it better with their PostPunkMeetsModernElectronica style, a sound that flows straight into my blood, certainly not their best piece but okay. Yelworc were a duo from Munich and this is a typical dark electro beat goodie and I like this gloomy synthesizer mixed with abrasive dance-beats and definitive a highlight. Trial, please forward. Candle #10 is a musical hybrid, nothing special but not bad either. Would I create a rarity collection, I wouldn't take it. 'I Don't Love You Anymore' is a tearful, sad sad love song, and that's always part of it, no matter what genre. Not bad, the man can sing and musically very gently. Last but not least: Qntal, an electro-medieval band, active since 1991 and I remember my girlfriend in beautiful Hamburg at the time had a CD, the second album I think, and their music is relaxed and soft but I prefer DCD - quick & easy, ferddisch!

1.Profecia - CALVA Y NADA
2.Deep Inside You - GIRLS UNDER GLASS
3.Darkness - THE CAVES
4.Hereafter - AURORA
6.Welcome To The House - THE TORS OF DARTMOOR
8.Sacred City - YELWORC
9.Blut Und Eisen - TRIAL
10.Celebrate Our Death - SECOND VOICE
11.I Don't Love You Anymore - SILKE BISCHOFF
12.Por Mau Tens - QNTAL

- Special Thx to STARGAZER -


  1. Ich freue mich wirklich dass dir DCD gefällt) Ihre Musik ist einfach nur wunderschön. Und Lisa Gerrard ist sowieso nicht von dieser Welt!))

    1. Allerdings, DCD einmal live erlebt; Alte Oper 2012 oder 2013, nur der Hammer... und zwei vorherige posts unterstreichen das.

      Genial Mucke