Sunday, 17 October 2021


Somehow today is a strange day, I feel tired, demotivated and almost drunk and that although I digitized a fantastic record and already had breakfast, so what the fuck? Well, let's come to a band that will surely only say something to users from Germany (but others should also take a sniff here)Braying Boredom is a four piece from Saxony-Anhalt and were Jens (vocals/guitars), Fittsche (guitars), Bruce (bass), Stick (drums)The band itself describes their music as "Punk with German lyrics, extremely emotional and now and then mercilessly poppy sounds" and the influence of well-known bands from my country can't be denied, you surely guess which ones are meant. Learn from the BEST or let them influence you! A few EP's and two albums were released and after a small line-up change the band is now called Peppone and like to play on boat tripsThis is their second 7Inch (nice cover isn't it) with four melancholy single-seaters, donated by UTH Records.
I think, I piss off with a quiet exit.


  1. Hello! Just a quick word to thank you for all your wonderful posts and efforts...

  2. Ausgezeichnete Platte, klingt wie ganz frühe Einleben.