Tuesday, October 20, 2015


Early in the morning and I put out this fantastic record and one more Swedish highlight, a lot of stress comin' my way last time but I have it under control, haha.... OK, about this band I won't write a lot because you can read more about Travolta Kids in the net and I recommend to listen at their 7inch Veckans Brott. Their one and only album is a damn good powerpop record, they leave the aggressive punk sound and turn into a melodic, partially 60s style. The result is simply brilliant. Released via Mistlur records and that's it. They also on a few compilations which you can find by search through this Blog - Seize the Day!

- Extra Thx to Fredrik -


  1. Wow, a re up of this would be a really nice complement to your recent post of these excellent Swedish lads if your already over generous spirit is moved to agree.
    Thanks for all you do and cheers from San Francisco!!

  2. Thanks for this re-up and for the other requested one too. Your contributions to the world of us music fanatics is truly an act of glory and deserving of the highest accolades.
    Cheers from San Francisco

    1. you're my only real fan and a true music connoisseur.

      Cheers From Frankfurt/Main