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Monday, June 25, 2018

SO MUCH HATE - Lies 1993

The fifth and last album by this four piece Hardcores from Oslo, active 1986-1996, on X-Mist Records/Progress Records. So Much Hate consisted of members of Svart Framtid, Kafka Process and Bannlyst. The band was one of the hardest Norwegian hardcore bands in the 80's and 90's. They played over 400 concerts in Norway and abroad. So Much Hate was strongly linked to the Blitz House and the plates, and especially their lyrics appear to be time-sculptures from Blitz's history. So Much Hate was more uncompromising and hard-hitting than any other Norwegian band from their time and were one of the leading underground bands in Europe. They were on tour including with Ignition and played more concerts together with greats such as Fugazi, Indigesti and Kina. After a farewell tour in Europe in fall 1996, they played their last concert at Blitz on November 14, 1996. Vocalist Gunnar (vocals) moved shortly to Germany and settled there, Løvik (guitars) joined the band Captain Not Responsible, while Per (bass) and Finn (drums) joined Drunk. Løvik died in March 2007. If you like the album I recommend their third Blind Alley (listen).


Saturday, June 25, 2022

SO MUCH HATE - How We Feel 1987

All right Friends, today there's no fucking, today I rip great stuff and the next record is the debut by Oslo's So Much Hate on X-Port Plater and the band name alone is alluring to me like a sweetie with slim legs in Nylons and just as sharp and energetic are the sixteen Hardcore/Punk goodies that make it onto this record. No trace of cheap clichés, on the contrary, it is blown into a furious attack on your musculoskeletal system that demands mercy, but you can't help it. You're floating in a bubble of aggression and anger and want to let everything out. Do It! Because you know there's no other way, but beware! This album is not suitable for long-haired hippies. The sun shines and it's a feast at the Opernplatz and I wanna see what's going on there, meet me again tomorrow.

Monday, April 27, 2015

V/A - Apathy... Never! 1986

A suberb release is this international HC Sampler from 1986 which was released by Over the Top Records. Mostly Europeans bands here and i must say the tracks from the finland bands are awesome, particularly "Dallas" blows me away. The intro is amazing and we all remember this crappy serie. Also the other songs can be quite convincing and have a lot of energy. The special feature of hardcore music is always put your feelings in short fast and aggressive songs and get yourself some fresh air. - This LP had everything what a good hardcore record needs.

1.If Have A Look - DEPRESSION
2.Grind - HALF LIFE
3.All That Shit - G.A.S.H.
4.Wasted Lives - G.A.S.H.
5.Shout - MOTTEK
6.Torture - MOTTEK
7.Lahimmainen - KAUNEUS & TERVEYS
9.A Man & This World - FAIR WARNING
10.Say No More - FAIR WARNING
11.Shimensoka - FUCK GEEZ
13.Vice On My Brain - SONS OF ISHMAEL
14.Can't Sleep - DEHUMANIZERS
15.Double Standards - SO MUCH HATE
16.One Step Closer - SO MUCH HATE
17.Dickheads - RAPED TEENAGERS
18.Our Daily Dose - RAPED TEENAGERS
19.Swedens Development - RAPED TEENAGERS
20.Your Friend - RAPED TEENAGERS

Saturday, September 05, 2020

V/A - It's Your Choice [Unreleased Live Material From The Your Choice Live Series] 2x10'' 1991

Weil heute so ein scheiß' Wetter ist bekommt ihr einen Nachschlag, two 10 inches, all songs live and I'm sure you've all heard or downloaded a record of the Your Choice Live Series before, and if not, the uncle won't let you die stupid. The series began in the late 80s, lasted until the mid 90s and the last effort was in 2002 and since then is Schicht. The plates were mainly characterized by the very good recordings and brought rather more unknown bands a platform on which they could show what they can (mostly fast & loud)As you can read, these are songs that didn't make it onto the regular albums, including some covers and other specialties. A total of thirty-five records were published, two of them on the blog. Das war's für heute, now I'm making myself comfortable and touring France, Salut!

1.Bankrobber - SO MUCH HATE
2.Passing Through - LIFE, BUT HOW TO LIVE IT?
4.It Doesn't Make It Allright - VERBAL ASSAULT
5.Overload - RIPCORD
7.Lingköpping - RAPED TEENAGERS
8.Generation '68 - PULLERMANN
9.I've Got My Role To Play - PULLERMAN
10.Shut Up - ARM
12.Il Mio Dolore - KINA
13.Sale Dal Buio - KINA
14.A No Money Down - SCREAM
15.Re-Pulsion - NONOYESNO
16.It's Shoved - MELVINS

- Special Thx to Fredrik -

Friday, October 14, 2016


Svart Framtid (Black Future) is regarded as the first one-piece band out of the Blitz-House and they were pioneers because they were the first Norwegian hardcore band that went on international tour. The Band had no bandbil so they bought instead interrail tickets and took the train around Germany from city to city and almost booked gigs along the way. Svart Framtid released only this awesome six-track EP which came out as the first release on vocalist Gunnar Nuven its newly established label Plateselskap and a live tape called "Live Blitz" which was recorded live at Blitz Oslo on 23.12.84. Gunnar Nuven was from the first era of punks in Oslo, he had among others and made his mark as a vocalist in the band Rush. The band dissolved in 1984 and Gunnar Nuven continued in bands like Kafka Process and So Much Hate. Harald Tredal continued in the band Locked Doors and Behind Bars and has also tried acting with a small role in the Norwegian film Schpaaa 1998. Nils Aune continued in the band Four Fæle guys, Kafka Process and Raga Rockers. Anders Eide continued in Behind Bars. This EP has high aggregate value and traded a few times a year for well over a thousand tag on eBay. "Scorching those decibels with an uproarious thrash barrage is Norway's Svart Framtid, jumping from chord to chord with different paces and plucks. Six exciting numbers that focus on major world wide problems, as the crude vocalist screams out in agony, like the people who feel it day after day. Speedy guitar with rapid drum splashings lead Svart Framtid into a hectic dose of creative, yet alarming piledrivers. Great active stuff, the tip of the iceburg in Norway. On X-Port Plater." - Pushead, from Puszone, January 1985

Thursday, July 23, 2020

XTRAVERTS - So Much Hate 1997

OK, no rib broken just a bruise but it hurts with every movement. I mentioned it briefly yesterday, a fall with the bike and a wasp sting on the back neck.....yes, yesterday was a nice day. Let's get to the following slab and I'll quote words from Bin Liner: "The most famous punk band of all has to be the Sex Pistols - but if your home was in the High Wycombe area you'll know that there was one other band that were just as good - Xtraverts from Buckinghamshire!! Back in 1977 the entire World was overcome with safety pin wearing, Mohican sporting Punk Rockers. Xtravert by name and oh boy - Xtravert by nature. Eventually splitting in the early 80s after their lead singer went to prison, they left behind them a torrent of local graffiti, a following that were lost without their local heroes and a complete unreleased LP, their finest moment, left to gather dust -disgraceful. That long lost album is now finally here, complete with free souvenir bin liner bag to the first 500 people who bought the vinyl album. On April 4th 1997 the band got together for the first time in almost twenty years - much had changed - the bass player is now female and other band members sport backgrounds such as ABH charges, appearances on stars in their eyes (Billy Idol) and membership of Matt Bianco - the sound however, was still there though and the crowd loved it!" Now on to the announced vinyl rip I wanted to do this week, enjoy the music!

Monday, February 01, 2016


Life... But How to Live It? was a Norwegian punk band, formed in the summer of 1988 in Oslo. The members all frequented Blitz, a squatted building in the middle of Oslo, where many other notable Norwegian hardcore bands such as So Much Hate and Stengte Dører had their base in the late eighties. They split up in 1994, but played one concert in 2002 celebrating Blitz' 20th anniversary. This is their 2nd EP with three great punk tunes, female vox and the Beatles cover of "Norwegian Wood" is awesome. Enjoy!!!

Wednesday, January 26, 2022

BANNLYST - Diskografi 2011

Solid release by Berlin based label Norwegian Leather and this awesome compilation features all their vinyl recordings (we're talking about Bannlyst I should maybe mention, a cool trash Hardcore combo from Molde & Oslo, existed between 1982-1985 and consisted of Finn (vocals), Børre (guitars), Per (bass), Thomas (drums) and some members later went on to play in So Much Hate and Stengte Dører, among other bands. Twenty four goodies in total with a good dose of metal and some pop sensibilities, carefully remastered from the original tapes and vinyl as all the master tapes have been lost over the years and I think they've done very well and it's nice to be able to enjoy those long lost nuggets again, from one of the best hardcore bands from this country. A blast from the past!

- Great Thx to Fredrik -

Thursday, July 09, 2015


Stengte Dører was a norwegian hardcore punk band located around the Blitz squat in Oslo and they played absolutely raging stuff in the vein of Kafka Process or So Much Hate. Proces was punk band from Subotica and were active in the mid 80's. Proces also convince with brilliant HC/Punk which is typical for this time. There are not represented on the Bloodstains Sampler, why else. Some copies came with a folded paper insert with lyrics of both bands translated in English. Cool EP!

Sunday, March 27, 2022

V/A - P.E.A.C.E. Compilation 2LP 1984

I don't think this excellent release in form of a double record set can be more topical, and as we all have to realize, mankind hasn't gotten any wiser even after almost forty years. There is always some aggressor somewhere who expresses its sick ideology with lies and blind helpers and it is appalling that no diplomacy, no system, and no sensible compromise can prevent a violent confrontationPathetic, disappointing & lifeless all the pursuit of power and heroism. About the record: "This massive international Hardcore/Punk compilation features fifty-five bands/songs and was organized and released by the infamous MDC on the band's own label R Radical Records. The worldwide hardcore scene was at its peak at this point, still underground enough to repel corrupting outside influences like major labels and heavy metal, but already hardened into a rigid aesthetic and political dogma that often encouraged groupthink and musical conformity. P.E.A.C.E. documents the state of "Reagan-era" Hardcore, just before the popularity of extreme music spread through decidedly non-radical camps and into the mainstream. Among the fifty-five bands on board are well-known plus the best tracks by courtesy of obscure groups of the local scenes from Argentina, South Africa to Japan. Most of the bands included retain, either through design or some bizarre quirk of ineptitude, a stamp of individuality on their sound that makes this an entertaining collection.

An extensive booklet insert is packed with political rants, cartoons, and suggestions for further reading, making explicit the double-LP's theme of activism and action against a corrupt authority. Plus, each band is provided with a full page to express their ideas (and plug their wares) with printed lyrics and crudely effective collage art. Reissued on CD in 1997 by New Red Archives with bonus cuts." (Fred Beldin) - A real highlight of an international gathering that shows how it can work.

1.Up Against A Wall - ARTICLES OF FAITH
2.Endless Blockades For The Pussy Footer - G.I.S.M.
3.Ashes To Ashes - NEON CHRIST
4.Schlueters Kabinet - KALASHNIKOV
5.Time Will Tell - CAUSE FOR ALARM
7.Honour's Calling - UNWARRANTED TRUST
8.Finirà Mai? - WRETCHED
9.Drop The A-Bomb On Me - O.D.F.X
10.Here Come The Cops - THE AFFLICTED
11.Inutile Trionfo - DECLINO
12.Hope You Get Drafted - THE DICKS
13.Arms Race - B.G.K.
14.It's You - CRASS
15.Swastika Ratss - UPRIGHT CITIZENS
16.Banana Split Republic - FALSE PROPHETS
17.Nuclear Attack - MOB 47
18.Face Down In The Dirt - OFFENDERS
20.So Much Hate - S.C.U.M.
21.Viejos Pateticos - LOS VIOLADORES
22.Sometimes - DEADLOCK
23.Will It Ever End? - P.P.G.
24.Peace Of What? - TRASH
25.Police Brutality - VICIOUS CIRCLE
26.Gartlands Pit - CONDEMNED TO DEATH
27.Non Mi Dire - NEGAZIONE
28.America The Beautiful - D.O.A.
29.Snap - D.R.I.
30.Jump Back - PORNO PATROL
31.Drop Out - TREASON
32.Abortos - SHIT S.A.
33.Silence - SEPTIC DEATH
34.Life Of Punishment - C.C.M.
36.An Uneasy Peace - THE PROLETARIAT
37.From Protest To Resistance - CONFLICT
38.Battlefield (Nightmare) - ICONOCLAST
39.Pay For Shit - PANDEMONIUM
40.Kinky Sex Makes The World Go 'Rround - DEAD KENNEDYS
41.Skorbut - BOSKOPS
43.Peace Officer - WHITE LIE
44.R.A.T./Pentagone - WARGASM
45.Four More Hours - SLAUGHTERHOUSE 4
46.Finale - THE EXECUTE
47.Reagan Youth - REAGAN YOUTH
48.The Man Goes On - IMPACT
49.100 Million People Dead - BUTTHOLE SURFERS
50.Ataque - KANGRENA
52.No Mercy No War - BARELY HUMAN
53.Contro La Pace Contro La Guerra - R.A.F. PUNK
54.Moment By Moment/Exiled Shadows - ZENZILE
55.Missile Destroyed Civilization - MDC

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

THE CONSUMERS - All My Friends Are Dead 1995

Yeah, this is a real Killer and kbd maniacs have heard of the Consumers and have this record and they were the first punk rock band from Phoenix, Arizona, but their members quickly relocated to Los Angeles, and became involved with the then-burgeoning L.A. punk scene. It is so much info in the net about this record so I give you this one:

Much of what is passed off as "punk rock" these days is pathetic and limp - no secret there. The Consumers were the real deal antithesis of pathos and limpness. Formed in early 1977, The Consumers were probably one of the very first in Phoenix, Arizona, to play punk rock. Influenced by punk scenes in England and New York, The Consumers cooked up a sound that was fast and hate-fueled. You will not find lyrics like "I'm going to find a way to drive you mad like piss on you or fuck your dad" on a Pennywise album, no sir. The Consumers recorded their one and only album in a small Phoenix studio in December of 1977 - eleven scorching tracks delivered in nineteen minutes, all loaded with anger and pure nihilism - and immediately moved to Los Angeles. Once in L.A., the band hit the live circuit, playing clubs like the Masque and the Whiskey A Go Go. Their sets were often violent; in an incident documented by Slash magazine, the entire band once beat vocalist David Wiley bloody onstage for no good reason! It didn't take long for them to be banned from clubs all over town. Legendary punk record label Dangerhouse agreed to release their album, but within a few short months, the label folded and the band imploded. Eventually the band members went on to other things: guitarist Paul Cutler formed 45 Grave and later joined Dream Syndicate, vocalist Wiley formed the Human Hands and the rest went on to lives of drugs, the military or dead end jobs. Presently, only two members of the band are still living. 

The Consumers album remained unreleased until 1995 when The Red Records issued it as a limited-edition LP which sold out quickly. Now, for the first time it is being issued on CD, newly re-mastered and sounding louder and nastier than ever. This is real punk rock - the kind FM radio is too chickenshit to deal with and video network lunkheads are paid handsomely to ignore. Shocking early works by psychos who would go on to 45 Grave, Dream Syndicate, and Human Hands Loud and nasty punk rock from 1977 for the first time on vinyl, initial limited pressing of the vinyl sold out immediately.

I can only underline all this words and this record is an absolute hammer and an important release when we talk about early american punk. Let's fuck your brain, play air guitar like a damn idiot and look for a girl and have everything with her while listen to this great unique awesome music!

Wednesday, December 30, 2020

LES LORDS - 1979-1980

The working year 2020 is over and four days off are comin'. Let's see, how I will end it musically and the opener is a treat, and this slab was released by Vidi Vici Records 2013 in edition of 300 copies. The Les Lords were Britz (vocals), Richard & Fifi (guitars), Laurent (bass), Lelett' (drums) and founded 1979 in Caen. And since nobody knows these guys until now, it is time for detailed information from the great creators of 45vinylvidivici which I would like to quote at this point:

1979: The musicians of the Caen punk group R.A.S. are orphans of a decaying movement. Britz, the singer-songwriter, mourns Sid Vicious. The others are starting to clearly prefer the power-pop energy of Jam, Skids, XTC or 999 to the neo-baba wanderings of the Cure or other Simple Minds.

The 60’s aesthetic and winks of the Who are already very present in punk, from black suits and string ties to the T-shirt with cockade of Billy Idol (Your Generation). Not to mention the Jam, of course. But when some members of R.S. land in Britain, it’s the shock. This one lives at the hour of "Mod Maydays", powerful revival which creates its own underground scene (Merton Parkas, Chords, Mo-Dettes, Squire...) in reaction to a punk now in the process of integration. "We hate the punk elite" sings Ian Page of Secret Affair. The musicians of R.A.S. are conquered, shop at Carnaby Street and return to Caen to tell friends about London news. The group is prompt renamed Les Lords.

As a result of this radical turn on the aesthetic level (because the songs remain the same) it appears fairly quickly that everyone gets into the idea of breaking their mouths, starting with the hard core of punks, more and more more influenced by the skinhead renewal and the “OI” wave. During the Lords' second concert in Lisieux, the skins came in force and have every intention of pissing off as much as possible. The chairs fly and the fans fall back on stage, somehow trying to send them away while the group continues to play. Arrival of the constabulary and relighting of the lights. We resume all the same and the Lords end in apotheosis by a resumption of "My Generation" of Who respecting to the letter the spirit of the original, that is to say accompanied by a methodical destruction of the material and the overturning of the columns sound system. Lying on the ground, arms outstretched to hold the
sound system lying on him and not to perish crushed, its owner, an old baba, manages to whisper "it's great, it's great...".

Great it is. The Lords continue the momentum of the most fit but harmonically rich punk, say Generation X to locate, incorporating 60’s influences, pre-psychedelic reminiscences (Creation, Move) and especially by tracing a new road, theirs. The group does quite a few covers: the instrumental The Persuaders ("Amically Your") as a concert intro, "For Your Love" by the Yardbirds mid-set and "My Generation" as a reminder. For the rest, it's a slaughter: slamming drums, metallic and melodic Rickenbacker bass, rhythmic Gibson "sound wall", dazzling escapades from the soloist on Telecaster. And there is the front man, with limited vocal capacities but remarkable texts and unparalleled charisma. It was obvious to who had once seen these kids in concert that they had fantastic potential. Because these are kids we are talking about, 17 years old at the time of history and just over 18 when it ended. Not really a "sex, drugs and rock n’roll" story, shot by the punk generation. No, just another story of tormented and rebellious teenagers. A story of music lovers who convert Gérald, the full barter shop of Throbbing Gristle to boots and frilled shirts. In return, he introduces them to Kinks and Small Faces, but also Real Kids, Charlie Mingus, Faust or Mother’s Finest. It is a story of rain (Normandy...), at night, of endless walking. Mopeds were rare, so scooters... It’s a story of cavalcades and frantic leaks, in the sad France of the end of the seventies whose "peripheral rascals" were so well sung by Renaud at the time.

On this front the Lords take radical measures by weaving an alliance with the gypsies, which allows to calm quickly done well the skins and to bring them back to feelings of healthy camaraderie. As for the neo-Mod movement, it is developing like wildfire. In two strokes of a pot spoon, there are more than 200 Mods in Caen. Punks converted after concerts, fans of the Specials or Joe Jackson, high school students who wanted to piss off their parents. Barely 16 years old, Laurence gives up everything to join Fifi, the rhythm guitarist of the Lords and returns on a scooter at the end of the hutch to give the teachers honor by shouting "We Are Mods", as in Quadrophenia. Britz, Laurent and I are going to see the film dozens of times at the cinema of the Carrefour shopping center, in Hérouville, one of the working-class suburbs of Caen. So we pass and we pass again in front of a band of thugs, "Arabs" as they said at the time, who stagnate on the benches of the shopping center and do not take long to look for the fight. It degenerates for good and ends with a punch outside. "We are the Mods"! Impressed, the most devious of the so-called "Arabs" quickly bought a costume and asked to join the mods.

In Caen, these are a mass movement from the proletariat, the working masses. With guys who in case of confusion are more quick to fight than to parley... There is José who fights after the group has won the French flags in a party on July 14, Franck says "Barjot" the former rocker and fisherman, "Clash" who crushes my parents' flowers in a Vespa and shoots the rockies on Saturday afternoon in the middle of traffic jams, with a WWII Luger. And then other groups that are formed: Dandys, Holly Boys and Neckties. These are 13-14 year olds who have had little time to learn English. Suddenly they proudly adapt the Who in French, "I Can’t Explain" becoming "the Caennais complain."

The Lords play in Paris at Golf Drouot. They finish well last of the "springboard rock" but fuck a happy mess and meet that evening the fabulous Stunners. A core of Parisian fans of the Lords is formed around Laurent ("Stax"), Denis, Thierry and soon Patrice Bertrand, former Hells Angel turned Mod who sells US garage rock records in the Scooter shop in Les Halles. The Lords don't pretend. They provide the first part of the Olivensteins whose equipment they demolish ("My Generation"), the Dogs from which they steal the show and a whole bunch of others. They make all the fire, open for Valérie Lagrange and even go on tour for a few dates opening for Caravan, an old British progressive rock band.

Soon the mod-revival spreads in Paris then in the provinces. Lords are heroes and kings, but there is a misunderstanding. Basically they have little to do with twinks disguising themselves as twist dancers, petty bourgeois in polka dot dresses and groups making desperate efforts to sound "garage". In fact, while the Parisian skins led by Farid - a ringworm - are having fun persecuting this bunch of little wankers from fine neighborhoods, they carefully avoid attacking anyone who wears a "Caen" patch on their jacket. Britz and the hard wing of the Caennais accentuate the demarcation with the installers by calling themselves "Glory Boys" and adopting black shirts and white ties. But hey, it's all starting to go around in circles. Especially since despite their multiple trips back and forth in the capital, where I settle as a manager, the Lords are still out of recording contract. There are indeed some contacts with Antoine De Caunes, Marc Zermati or Patrick Eudeline, the tour of record companies, a photo in the monthly Best, but nothing comes out. Meanwhile, the sken-mod conglomerate of Caen feels winged. After two years of intensive fights against rockers (very bad in those distant times) and all that hung around as thugs in the Normandy countryside, these became real terrors. Wounds that set everything on fire and blood during the Jam concert in Rouen. The Lords are victims of Sham 69 syndrome: overwhelmed by the movement they have instigated and the excesses of their audience.

The tension rises with the rhythm, Fifi, a simple heart. Then with the bass player who stands in solidarity with him. Finally with Britz Notre Dame, icon of mods, always so frosty and uncontrollable who does not want to understand that such a radical trip cuts the group from a wider audience. In a few weeks everything crumbles. Fifi and Laurent will try their luck with another group. Britz moved to Paris where he succeeded in a few months in transforming a gang of Daddy's sons into a respected gang. Richard and Denis recruit a bass player and pursue the Lords in the form of a blazing power trio.

In the end, there will be nothing but wonderful memories and rehearsal recordings from this brief epic, in mini-cassette. Despite their obvious limitations, they will no doubt give a better idea of what the Lords were than the album they would have done at the time on a major, under the guidance of a survivor of the yéyé who was converted into a producer. And the fact that more than thirty years later RAS or Les Lords are arousing interest shows that at least the flame has been transmitted. So all is well that ends well. Raymond Debord (Summer 2013)

Wednesday, March 04, 2015

THE WORK - I Hate America EP 1981

You can say what you want, avant-rock, industrial music or whatever, I say this is a real punk record, pretty chaotic and pretty low-fi noises celebrate this oblique three piece combo. The Work were founded in 1980 by multi-instrumentalist/composer Tim Hodgkinson and guitarist/composer Bill Gilonis, with bass guitarist Mick Hobbs and drummer Rick Wilson. They experimented with tape collages which led to the creation of an independent record label, Woof Records and a band. Enlisting the services of Mick Hobbs and Rick Wilson they formed The Work and made their first recording, an EP "I Hate America", released on the Woof label. The band toured Europe in 1981 and 1982 and recorded their first album "Slow Crimes" in 1982. After a tour of Japan later that year and releasing Live in Japan, the band split up. In 1989, The Work reformed to record "Rubber Cage" and performed throughout Europe between 1989 and 1994, releasing another album "See" in 1992. This stuff here is amazing and they show how simple it is to bring weird noises in a dissonant harmony. That sounds contradictory I know but the art is to make it sound accordingly and that's why I love this record so much. There exists a few tapes with live material and if someone can send me a copy I would be grateful. Until then, enjoy this potpourri of funny music.

Friday, March 08, 2019

V/A - V.I.S.A. Présente 1985

And again Bondage Records, in collaboration with the French label V.I.S.A. was this little cold wavy gold piece created and there are sounds of driving gloomy moods around us, peppered with many live recordings, by mainly local bands which already made a few records, while others only known through their tape presentations. I love compilations like these where I'm confronted with songs that are absolutely awesome and then I search for more stuff by the bands and can't find nothing, that annoys me and I think so much potential is wasted and such records receive their value from us. Well, enjoy now fourteen minimal innovative psychedelic synth art cold wave punk pop nuggets.

2.Foolish Virgin - A.R.T.
3.Fights In Technonights - M.K.B.
4.Ella Choice - AUSWEIS
5.Cancer D'Amour - LUCRATE MILK
6.Voyage - LES MAÎTRES
7.A Ghost In The Jungle - SHOCK CORRIDOR
8.Black Clown - LES MARTYRS
9.In Den Tetzten Zugen Lieben - DIE BUNKER
10.Dismembered - K.U.K.L.
11.We Hate Work - THE BRIGADES
12.Mickey Mouse Is Dead - SUBHUMANS
13.Automne 56 - NO UNAUTHORIZED
14.Changing Size In Mind - MOME RATH

Sunday, August 17, 2014

SERENE FALL - Oh My Prophet, Oh My Liar 1992

This record we both listen often to, the debut album from Serene Fall. A brilliant mix of melancholic and fast songs, accompanied by Maul's distinctive voice. Many concerts seen and unforgotten as a four-band combo. Their last album was released in 2010 and is still good but the harmonic guitars plus the drumming here are just mature and give the songs more charm. For this plate I came more by chance. I rummaged in this record store and out of the speakers came that sound, I immediately asked the record-man, and after short look at the cover I grabbed the disc immediately. At home, then the disc ran up and down and so I became an avid fan of this combo. It's tedious to get to one of their concerts because they play not much in a year and I'm not longer mobile and I hate to use the train. Well, a few times I've seen them and it was beautiful every time. Be laid to everybody's heart and perfect for sad moments, here you will get the necessary thrust to continue. Great album!!!

Saturday, April 25, 2015

V/A - Attack ("Teufelskraut") 1982

I love weekends but I hate to spend this alone, just feel so damn shit again. Drinkin' too much and everything is pissed - Have another Jever and this compilation. This LP is usually (wrongly) referred to as 'Teufelskraut', which is in fact only the name of the record label. 'Attack' is probably the correct name, but fuck it. An LP with a cool foldout cover with live (hard to believe at the mediocre quality) and studio recordings of several Swiss and Austrian bands. Recorded in part at the "Voralberg Punk Festival 1981" or at "Count Hugo". A colorful mix with rather unknown material of the respective bands (and most of them published only here) but the attraction is, apart from the charm of the snotty rehearsel punk of the early eighties in demo quality has, the part of a documentary by this some small bands and they really made a lot of hits. Shit, I had enough from writing, this is raw as hell punk rock from Switzerland & Austria. And if you love this sound you don't need words, right? - Bundesliga right now..... 

1.Banzai Attack - SURPRISE ATTACK
2.Tango - R.A.K.
3.Süchtig - R.A.K.
4.New York - ?X
5.Afrika Paranoia - MICKY & DIE MÄUSE
6.Guido+Anna - MICKY & DIE MÄUSE
9.Kokain - PÖBEL
10.Du Dänksch Rechtig - R.A.K.
11.Vorspiel Schamlos - NULL KOMMA NICHTS
12.Rätärätätä - NULL KOMMA NICHTS
13.Schweizer Staat - LAST EXIT
14.H-Block - LAST EXIT
15.Alcohol - ?X
16.Typenreiniger Blues - CHAOS
17.Töten Macht Spaß - CHAOS
18.1984 - EINBAHN
19.Mörder - LAST EXIT

Saturday, July 25, 2015

NEW ORDER - Never, Never Play Berlin Again 1984

Another highlight here in my blog is the bootleg record from a band which I will not say much, you all know them and love or hate their records and you can find lots of information in the Web. New Order were formed 1980 in Manchester, shortly after the suicide of Ian Curtis (Joy Division, Warsaw) they released a lot of awesome albums (my faveourite one is the first LP called 'Movement') and a lot of bad and cool bootlegs. This here is a cool one. The sound quality is quite good and the song selection too. And if you should ask about the title then you will hear that the singer and the band were not amused about the audience. I don't know what happens at the gig but the boys are really pissed and if somebody of You out there was present I would like to here what went wrong. Maybe the mixer or the sound acoustic was bad or anything else. - Well at least it's a long time ago I heard New Order albums and so it comes to this rip and it was a good idea or, hahaha... - The plate cracked a little bit but I don't think the sound goes in a trashcan (Well, that's the deal with unoffical releases). Anyway, enjoy this nice sound right now and I hope I get the whole story.

Lonesome Tonite/Your Silent Face/Dreams Never End/The Japanese One/Thieves Like Us/Confusion/586/Temptation

Monday, March 09, 2015

V/A - R...Is For Records! [Special] 2015

A long, very emotional day comes to an end and I'm pretty exhausted. Besides, I'm fucking tired and I close the post marathon today with one more selfmade compilation. I tried to pack 6½ years and my current feelings in thirty songs and it was not easy but I think the result is delicious and I'm very satisfied. At this point I would like to thank all those who continue to send me music, fine and rare postin' (Hello KBD!), all those who leave a comment or otherwise support me. Life's a Bitch! Tomorrow can be everything different. Remember that. Our time is too short for wasting life. Enough words, music is the language which understands the whole world, so let's go and Good Night!

1.Auf Dem Mars, Auf Dem Mond - DR.HOBO
2.Forever+Ever - CULTURE SHOCK
3.Lonely - RAILBIRDS
4.Wahrheit Träumt Nicht (Live) - KARIES
5.Ping Pong - ACT
6.Illusion Won Again - EVEN WORSE
7.Look But Don't Touch - THE KELVINS
8.In Dieser Stadt - THE CUT
9.Waiting For You - MEANIES
10.Hoffnungen (Live) - EA80
11.Puseste O Diabo Em Mim - UHF
12.The One And Only Way - DIE KEINE AHNUNG
15.Vergiß Uns Nicht - RAMMSTEIN
16.Who You Wanna Be? - TOO MUCH
17.Idolization - HAGAR THE WOMB
18.Teenage Rebel (Live) - AVENGERS
20.Hard To Get - THE TYRANTS
21.Exposition - CHARLES DE GOAL
22.Back In Baby's Arms - PATSY CLINE
23.Life's Rough - BALONEY HEADS
24.Take Me Away - THE KELPIES
25.Love & Hate - MANO NEGRA
26.Only You - FRIGHTWIG
27.The Car - APARTMENT
28.Kein Tag Ohne Liebe (Live) - NEUROTIC ARSEHOLES
29.Can't Have You - RED TAPE
30.Silverflame - DIZZY MIZZ LIZZY