Sunday, 17 August 2014

SERENE FALL - Oh My Prophet, Oh My Liar 1992

This record we both listen often to, the debut album from Serene Fall. A brilliant mix of melancholic and fast songs, accompanied by Maul's distinctive voice. Many concerts seen and unforgotten as a four-band combo. Their last album was released in 2010 and is still good but the harmonic guitars plus the drumming here are just mature and give the songs more charm. For this plate I came more by chance. I rummaged in this record store and out of the speakers came that sound, I immediately asked the record-man, and after short look at the cover I grabbed the disc immediately. At home, then the disc ran up and down and so I became an avid fan of this combo. It's tedious to get to one of their concerts because they play not much in a year and I'm not longer mobile and I hate to use the train. Well, a few times I've seen them and it was beautiful every time. Be laid to everybody's heart and perfect for sad moments, here you will get the necessary thrust to continue. Great album!!!