Wednesday, 15 March 2017

THE CONSUMERS - All My Friends Are Dead 1995

Yeah, this is a real Killer and kbd maniacs have heard of the Consumers and have this record and they were the first punk rock band from Phoenix, Arizona, but their members quickly relocated to Los Angeles, and became involved with the then-burgeoning L.A. punk scene. It is so much info in the net about this record so I give you this one:

Much of what is passed off as "punk rock" these days is pathetic and limp - no secret there. The Consumers were the real deal antithesis of pathos and limpness. Formed in early 1977, The Consumers were probably one of the very first in Phoenix, Arizona, to play punk rock. Influenced by punk scenes in England and New York, The Consumers cooked up a sound that was fast and hate-fueled. You will not find lyrics like "I'm going to find a way to drive you mad like piss on you or fuck your dad" on a Pennywise album, no sir. The Consumers recorded their one and only album in a small Phoenix studio in December of 1977 - eleven scorching tracks delivered in nineteen minutes, all loaded with anger and pure nihilism - and immediately moved to Los Angeles. Once in L.A., the band hit the live circuit, playing clubs like the Masque and the Whiskey A Go Go. Their sets were often violent; in an incident documented by Slash magazine, the entire band once beat vocalist David Wiley bloody onstage for no good reason! It didn't take long for them to be banned from clubs all over town. Legendary punk record label Dangerhouse agreed to release their album, but within a few short months, the label folded and the band imploded. Eventually the band members went on to other things: guitarist Paul Cutler formed 45 Grave and later joined Dream Syndicate, vocalist Wiley formed the Human Hands and the rest went on to lives of drugs, the military or dead end jobs. Presently, only two members of the band are still living. 

The Consumers album remained unreleased until 1995 when The Red Records issued it as a limited-edition LP which sold out quickly. Now, for the first time it is being issued on CD, newly re-mastered and sounding louder and nastier than ever. This is real punk rock - the kind FM radio is too chickenshit to deal with and video network lunkheads are paid handsomely to ignore. Shocking early works by psychos who would go on to 45 Grave, Dream Syndicate, and Human Hands Loud and nasty punk rock from 1977 for the first time on vinyl, initial limited pressing of the vinyl sold out immediately.

I can only underline all this words and this record is an absolute hammer and an important release when we talk about early american punk. Let's fuck your brain, play air guitar like a damn idiot and look for a girl and have everything with her while listen to this great unique awesome music!


  1. A.W.E.S.O.M.E. - thanks a lot!


  2. Ha ha...with your post , it seems to be suitable for a crazy night.Thanks a lot and I'll try to "Let fuck" my brain as you said haha...Have a nice weekend, my friend

  3. never judge a book by its cover ;and never judge a record by its sleeve...what a fuckin ugly cover kameraden!but what a great album!really speed for its time isn't? probably the first hardcore songs with DOA and THE GERMS cause 77 was pretty early for that sound ,anyway excellent post and excellent blog compadre!

  4. Gran album muy potente para su tiempo.cheers.