Thursday, 16 March 2017

V/A - Ultra Hardcore Power 1983

I know this is not the Hardcore Vol 1 sampler that was required (I'll post it soon) but this one is just as essential. It's the first compilation from Mülleimer Records, the third most important German label in my opinion and have released in six years a few cool german punk records which are nowadays very sought and you can find a few of course on wdthtc. On this platte five bands, Normahl had at that time two records out, their legendary Stuttgart Über Alles EP and their first album Verarschung Total, Chaos Z with four cuts which are already sound dark and personel and already have the later Fliehende Stürme touch, all exclusive. In Stuttgart at home german Oi! combo Herbärds with their first vinyl outputs, two decent streetpunk numbers with funny lyrics. In 1984 the band released their debut album and they're somehow still active. Then Inferno from Augsburg and their classic hardcore tunes which made them interesting for the American punkers and their first album Tod & Wahnsinn is a blast (comin' soon) and last but not least Bluttat from Mülheim who unfortunately did not make the breakthrough, although they had three first-class brilliant hardcore albums with aggressive lyrics and they have been honored by Colturschock Records with a compilation called "Raw And Pure 1981-1984" (1000 copies) with old & rare goodies and I can recommend this record because it's fuckin' great. For a first label compilation not bad, everything sounds very raw and genuine and a year later Part 2 came out with more German underground noises, a better production and with bands which are not under contract upon Mülleimer and on the record are 100% exclusive tracks and it comes also in 192k/Bit in less than eight days. Cheers! and enjoy this early D-Punk classic.

1.Wein, Weiber & Gesang - NORMAHL
2.Alltagsshow - NORMAHL
3.Auf Der Mauer - NORMAHL
4.I'm Feeling Down - BLUTTAT
5.Ohne Mich - BLUTTAT
6.Slips & Mieder - HERBÄRDS
7.Schweinebauch - HERBÄRDS
8.Immer Noch Keine Antwort - CHAOS Z
9.Einsam - CHAOS Z
10.Qual Der Erinnerung - CHAOS Z
11.Verflucht - CHAOS Z
12.Wir Sind Schon Tot - INFERNO
13.Administration - INFERNO
14.Ronald Reagan - INFERNO
15.Nationalgefühl - INFERNO
16.Krieg Dem Krieg - BLUTTAT
17.Kohl Ist Gewählt - BLUTTAT
18.Computer - NORMAHL
19.Müslibrei - NORMAHL
20.Paragraphen - NORMAHL

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