Saturday, June 25, 2022

SO MUCH HATE - How We Feel 1987

All right Friends, today there's no fucking, today I rip great stuff and the next record is the debut by Oslo's So Much Hate on X-Port Plater and the band name alone is alluring to me like a sweetie with slim legs in Nylons and just as sharp and energetic are the sixteen Hardcore/Punk goodies that make it onto this record. No trace of cheap clichés, on the contrary, it is blown into a furious attack on your musculoskeletal system that demands mercy, but you can't help it. You're floating in a bubble of aggression and anger and want to let everything out. Do It! Because you know there's no other way, but beware! This album is not suitable for long-haired hippies. The sun shines and it's a feast at the Opernplatz and I wanna see what's going on there, meet me again tomorrow.

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