Monday, 27 June 2022

DEPRAVED - Come On Down 1985

There are records, that definitely belong to those that you absolutely must have heard in your short life, Depraved's debut is one of those. A few why, where, when:

Ian & Gigs, two young Punks from Leamington Spa, began their first clumsy attempts at playing loud music back in 1982. Ian tried his hand at singing and Gigs, who had previously played guitar in another up-and-coming band, sold all his junk guitars and bought a drum set and began learning percussion. The first line-up: Ian (vocals), his brother Lee played guitar, Gigs (drums) and Ian (bass). In March 1984 they recorded their first four-song demo. Their sound was heavily influenced by American Hardcore, which they mixed with the spirit of the typical UK82, resulting in an excellent power sound that differs significantly from their British counterparts. Also, the Depraved got into the 60's and even started using a synthesizer. They finally recorded their debut in 1985 (first released only on cassette), but a deal with COR Records re-issued Come On Down on vinyl. The album received mostly positive feedback and became a minor classic. In 1986 the guys recorded their second album Stupidity Maketh The Man, which is a bit more experimental, the psychedelic style of the sixties can be heard unmistakably but they manage this without losing their punk roots.

Depraved toured the UK and Europe extensively and after that Ian left the band and Spencer replaced him. In 1988 the guys decided to rename themselves Visions Of Change. In 1988 they recorded the first album which is considered by many to be the group's best work. Soon Spencer and Gigs left the band. With their departure, the group lost its integrity and former enthusiasm (Gigs was a founding member, songwriter and a vital link). With new musicians, the band recorded their last album and ceased activities. An excerpt from an interview with Ian Murphy: “To be honest our main legacy is that we organized many concerts for foreign bands around the UK and in our city in particular back then. We've been able to get most of our favorite bands to play here. For me personally this is much more important than anything we recorded ourselves. We were part of a huge worldwide HardcorePunk community. And I'm not just talking about our band, I'm talking about all the people who have helped us and who have been with us!"

And now, I wish you an absolute listening pleasure with twelve fantastic songs that I am sure you will like as much as I do.

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