Wednesday, June 29, 2022

V/A - Trouble With A Capital T (1980s Punk & Underground Music From Florida's Capital City) 2018

End of June and we're closing this sunny month with a wonderful compilation from Panhandle Punk Productions500 copies were pressed on red vinyl and it includes a two-sided insert with band infos, liner notes and an essay by CA Productions co-founder George Barker. A small entry from backcover: In the Eighties Punk wasn't just infecting big cities, even a little sleepy college town in north Florida caught the bug. This collection delivers a treasure trove of vintage. Tallahassee Punk and underground music, much of it previously unreleased. It documents how during the reagen years something unexpected happened in a small southern town better known for state workers and college football than a counter-culture music scene: Trouble With A Capital T. Well, in principle everything is said with these few words, I would like to add most of the songs were taken from rare demos and rare 7Inches, the quality is consistently top and the artwork deserves full attention. An eloquent release with adequate bands/songs. Perfect in every way & a must have!

1.George Washington - SECTOR 4
2.Destroy - SECTOR 4
3.No Tomorrow - SLUT BOYS
4.Mr. Stupid - SLUT BOYS
5.Piece Of The Action - THE SHAKES
6.Media Control - GRUEL
7.Disturb The Peace - PAISLEY DEATH CAMP
8.The Pope Went Surfing - HUMAN SCARECROW
10.Beer Town - PERSIAN GULF
11.Hardcore Rules - HATED YOUTH
12.Ban The Bible - HATED YOUTH
13.Five Sides - HATED YOUTH
14.You're Not Faithful - SQUID ROW
15.Immoral Majority - THE KNOW-IT-ALLS
17.Miss Digit And Sister Wizard - XBAND
18.Suicide - UNDESIDED
19.Celluloid Strip (Dance Dub) - INSECT FEAR