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Monday, 29 December 2014

STREBERS - 7'' Collection 1985 - 1990

This is a little compilation full of 7inches by another awesome Swedish punk band which come over with a powerful and melodic sound and nobody can just go over here. They released a lot of 7inches and albums, and they present on a lot of compilations too and you can catch more in the net about them. Here's a bit info I would give: One of the classic swedish punkbands in the mid 80's. Influenced by bands like Asta Kask and in 1987 Micke from Asta Kask joined Strebers as a full member on guitar and vocals. Songs were conceived by drummer Johnny Rydh, who whistled melodies to guitarist Mikael "Ulke" Johansson. Johansson then in turn translated the harmonies to electric guitar. His distinctive guitar sound played a major role in Strebers' songs, which were a mix of punk rock and Swedish folk music, while Rydh wrote most of the lyrics. The band first split up in 1988, Rydh and Ulke then started the band Six Guns together with the bassplayer Ztikkan from Rojnes and Crystal Ocean. Before they changed the name back to Strebers in 1989 with the same line-up as they have had in Six Guns. Early in 1992 the drummer Johnny Rydh was killed in a car accident and the band then decided to quit. Ulke and Ztikkan later formed the even more successful band Dia Psalma. Strebers reunited in 2000 for a gig at the Birdnest-anniversary in Köping. They also made a reunion-tour in 2001 and played at the Hultsfred-festival in 2003. This little file contains the Ung & Arg! EP ('85), På Liv & Död EP ('86), Mitt Blood EP ('88), Flickan & Kråkan EP ('90) and the reissue Bad Boys...Behind Bars! EP from 1991 which has the same songs like the Mitt Blood EP but with different artwork. A lot of stuff also but the Strebers are quite brilliant and positive vibes are guaranteed.

- Extra Special Thx to Fredrik! -

Tuesday, 27 February 2018

THE SIX GUNS - 7'' Collection 1989

And now a further post of 7inches, all released on Kaos & Skrål records, the Strebers own label. In detail: 'Silver Sex & Six Guns', 'Buenas Noches From Hell!' and 'Back From The Dead', all released in 1989. Info I found in the net so here we go: "Six Guns is Strebers when they started to sing in english instead of swedish and with Ztikkan as new bass player. They released three singles at the same time. The music sounded like Strebers but with a touch of western and heavy metal-influences instead of folkmusic. Bad english and other reasons made it necessary to change the name back to Strebers after only one and a half concert. A few years later when drummer Johnny (R.I.P) died in a tragic car accident they founded a new combo called Dia Psalma." Well, let me say the sound is a bit U.K. aligned like G.B.H etc... and a big throw is this not really - I know better stuff from Wasaland - but fresh ironed and polished. Decide for yourself on what hour you put the Six Guns in.

Sunday, 27 October 2019

STREBERS - Till En Vän 1992

Third full length album by the Strebers on Birdnest Records with twelve decent melodic hardcore cracks. The band is from Strängnäs and were originally formed in 1985 with Micke "Ulke" Johansson on vocals and guitar, Johnny "JR" Rydh on drums and Pelle Pettersson on bass (later replaced by Fredrik "Ztikkan" Blomberg). The band was folded after Johnny "JR" Rydh's tragic death in a car accident in 1992. More infos and music you get by clicking on the small 7inch collection which found the way in this theatre four years ago.

- Great Thx to Fredrik -

Saturday, 15 January 2022

V/A - Planet Punk #4 2005

Second and last part of Planet Punk and with Volume 3, this little self-made series is already complete. H2D#26 is another tidbit full of rare stars from international bands that are still kicking ass, much in demand and popular in our fucking disillusioned times which bring little decent music to light in my opinion. Music is like inventions, there is nothing innovative that can really impress me, hardly any wow factor or thing that I can really admire. And I would say that for almost twenty years. Speaking of music, we all hear & see the so called "combos" thrown together, the TV shows which offer only shit and are played over and over by radio stations, all this crap is boring, repetitive and only geared towards profit, commercial shit and really sucks. It's really intoxicating to get acquainted with such music as on this further fantastic compilation and to eke out an existence far away from this dead & dull society. That are the words for Sunday, Amen! Enjoy the vibes of the good ole days!

1.Desire - THE STALIN
2.Hello New Punks - THE STAR CLUB
4.TV - SEX
5.Give Me Confusion - PAIN
6.Head Explosion - THE STALIN
7.D-Day Or Lost Day - THE WILLARD
9.Terciera Guera - FOGO CRUZADO
10.Ain't She Dumb - ROCKS
11.Revolution - X
12.Vem Har Gett Dom Rätten!? - REVOLT
13.I Lost My Legs - WARHEADS
14.Är Ungdomar Människor? - VACUM
15.Inuinem Rakkaus - RATSIA
16.Vik Hädan! Var Hälsad! - REVOLT
17.Moro M/System - WANNSKRÆKK
18.Dan Eften Bomben - STREBERS
19.Eibon - ASTA KASK
20.Tio Zynthar På En Rad - ZYNTHSLAKT
21.Rattus On Rautta - RATTUS
22.Kivisissa Metissa - VAU
23.Sticky Life - ROTZKOTZ
24.Wir Hams Satt - STRASSENJUNGS
25.Hey Punk - SLIME
26.C.I.A. - DER RIß
27.B Alarm - RAZZIA
28.Heute Norm Morgen Tod - S.Y.P.H.
29.We're Gonna Do What We Like - VOPO'S
30.I Don't Want To Be - BIZON KIDS
31.Two Wheels - SPEEDTWINS
32.God Save Rock'N'Roll - SUBWAY
33.Man Under My Bed - THE NIXE
34.I Got A Right - RONNIE URINI
35.Psychic Underground - TIMESHIFT
36.Pill Girl - VOGUE

- Great Thx to Mark -

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

V/A - Where The Wild Things Are II 1998

Hallo everybody, I'm fresh again and now 2017 will be opened with an international tape compilation which was a supplement by the Sabbel Fanzine, a German Heftschä and I have the chance to get in touch with the maker personally at the end of the 90s at a gig in Mönchengladbach, when Serene Fall played there and he did an interview with the band and I was also mentioned in the zine because he ask me too and it was a great session, thanks for this! At the beginning there was always a selfmade tape with punk from all over the world within and I have two from that, later was a CD enclosed because it's easier. Here now 90 minutes of cool rare punk compiled in loving artwork and much of what I did not know at that time and maybe even today hardly anyone knows.

2.Bazil - ATHENA
3.En(feliz)a-te - ALCOORE
4.Spase Tä Grammä - PANX ROMANA
5.Útok Na Spieu Hitparady - ZÓNA A
6.Gore Doctore - GORE DOCTORE
8.Don't Be A Slag - DIRTY PICTURES
11.Faut Pas S'y Fier (Live) - PKRK
12.Lentäjän Poika - NE LUUMÄET
13.Leena On Liimanhaistaga - NE LUUMÄET
15.Ja Sam Te Ludo Volio - KUD IDIJOTI
16.Züri Brännt - TNT
17.Evolucao Atrasada - FOGO CRUZADO
18.Nerozjizdet - E!E
19.Som Ett Löv - ASBEST
21.Nema Vise... - HLADNO PIVA
22.Terrorize - GANG GREEN
23.First Strike - HATES
24.Nie Znosze Was - POST REGIMENT
25.Mopolla Suohon - KLAMYDIA
27.Parasit - COSA NOSTRA
28.Radeci Alarm - RACIJA
29.Clutter From The Gutter - ANHREFN & MARGI CLARKE
30.Scheiss Kibarei - THE WAY
31.Le Mutant - LES IMBIBES
33.Bloqueo - LA POLLA RECODS
34.The Bitch - THE BOLLOCKS
35.Ein Tag An Meinem Fenster (Live) - EA80
36.Fader Sol - SVART SNÖ
37.Radiation Masturbation - AUTHORITIES
38.Idegenek Az Ejszakában - AURORA
39.Külmale Maale - J.M.K.E.
40.Krig & Fred - STREBERS
41.Fri - ASTA KASK

Thursday, 11 August 2022

RADIOAKTIVA RÄKER - Verkligheten EP 1993

Ohhh my dear followers, bad news: my turntable is kaputt, the needle said goodbye and now I'm standing in the woods. Even shaved legs are of little use, believe me, damn damn damn. Well, now it must the stock of friends and sleeping rips to serve and the first combo is a freshly ripped 7Inch from Sweden and the combo is called Radioaktiva Räker, a TrallPunk (Trallpunk is a Swedish subgenre Punk style that is based on trall-friendly melodies, fast drum beats and often political (mostly left-leaning) or narrative texts. The pioneers of Trallpunk are said to be Asta Kask and Strebers, however, there are divided opinions about this. Trallpunk gained increased popularity during part of the 1990s) band which formed 1991 by teenagers Johan (vocals/guitars), Danne (guitars), Jimmy (bass), Jonas (drums) in Hofors, Gästrikland and disbanded in 2003 after a small summer tour. After two demos they caught in summer 1992 a record deal with Beat Butchers and all records, three albums & two 7Inches, came out there. Their fast, sing-along melodic songs came to symbolize for many the Swedish Punk/Wave that culminated in the mid-1990s.

The band reunited on 25.09.2009, for an evening with the celebration of the Beat Butchers 25 year anniversary. This occurred on Södra Teatern in Stockholm together with a number of other bands that have collaborated with Beat Butchers.

- Special Thx to Fredrik -

Friday, 27 February 2015

ASTA KASK - Aldrig En 1986

Asta Kask is a Swedish punk band from Töreboda. In 1978 the band were founded by Micke Blomqvist (vocals and guitar), Pelle Karlsson, Uffe Karlsson and Stefan Hovbjer under the name X-Tas and later renamed Asta Kask. This band recorded their first EP in 1981 and broke up shortly thereafter. After a few line-up changes they released up to 1986 three EP's, a mini-LP, a live record and a studio LP. Asta Kask never planned to record a full length album, but they did it and it called "Aldrig En" (never a LP). Then they split up and played in other bands like Strebers or Cosa Nostra. Three years later Asta Kask came back because all four had fun making music together. 1993 the band split up again. Ten years later, re-reunion and the result is the second album "En För Alla, Ingen För Nan" which came out in 2006. They're still active and the third album "Handen På Hjärtat" is a fuckin' blast like this debut record here. Good swedish melodic power punkrock.