Friday, February 27, 2015

ASTA KASK - Aldrig En 1986

Asta Kask is a Swedish punk band from Töreboda. In 1978 the band were founded by Micke Blomqvist (vocals and guitar), Pelle Karlsson, Uffe Karlsson and Stefan Hovbjer under the name X-Tas and later renamed Asta Kask. This band recorded their first EP in 1981 and broke up shortly thereafter. After a few line-up changes they released up to 1986 three EP's, a mini-LP, a live record and a studio LP. Asta Kask never planned to record a full length album, but they did it and it called "Aldrig En" (never a LP). Then they split up and played in other bands like Strebers or Cosa Nostra. Three years later Asta Kask came back because all four had fun making music together. 1993 the band split up again. Ten years later, re-reunion and the result is the second album "En För Alla, Ingen För Nan" which came out in 2006. They're still active and the third album "Handen På Hjärtat" is a fuckin' blast like this debut record here. Good swedish melodic power punkrock.

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