Monday, December 29, 2014

STREBERS - 7'' Collection 1985 - 1990

This is a little compilation full of 7inches by another awesome Swedish punk band which come over with a powerful and melodic sound and nobody can just go over here. They released a lot of 7inches and albums, and they present on a lot of compilations too and you can catch more in the net about them. Here's a bit info I would give: One of the classic swedish punkbands in the mid 80's. Influenced by bands like Asta Kask and in 1987 Micke from Asta Kask joined Strebers as a full member on guitar and vocals. Songs were conceived by drummer Johnny Rydh, who whistled melodies to guitarist Mikael "Ulke" Johansson. Johansson then in turn translated the harmonies to electric guitar. His distinctive guitar sound played a major role in Strebers' songs, which were a mix of punk rock and Swedish folk music, while Rydh wrote most of the lyrics. The band first split up in 1988, Rydh and Ulke then started the band Six Guns together with the bassplayer Ztikkan from Rojnes and Crystal Ocean. Before they changed the name back to Strebers in 1989 with the same line-up as they have had in Six Guns. Early in 1992 the drummer Johnny Rydh was killed in a car accident and the band then decided to quit. Ulke and Ztikkan later formed the even more successful band Dia Psalma. Strebers reunited in 2000 for a gig at the Birdnest-anniversary in Köping. They also made a reunion-tour in 2001 and played at the Hultsfred-festival in 2003. This little file contains the Ung & Arg! EP ('85), På Liv & Död EP ('86), Mitt Blood EP ('88), Flickan & Kråkan EP ('90) and the reissue Bad Boys...Behind Bars! EP from 1991 which has the same songs like the Mitt Blood EP but with different artwork. A lot of stuff also but the Strebers are quite brilliant and positive vibes are guaranteed.

- Extra Special Thx to Fredrik! -