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Thursday, February 18, 2016


Last for today and we stay in the 70s and visit France and meet Starshooter, started as a punk band in Lyon under the name "Les Scooters". They signed with a major in 1977, exceptional point for a french rock band. The first album was welcomed by radio stations (there was only 4 large band frequencies stations at this time, free FM radio stations didn't exist yet). On the two following LPs, Starshooter's powerful and catchy pop songs gave a general feeling of optimism. Proof of this is their second album, out on Pathé Records, with ten goodies. Now it's time to leave my safe home and say Hello! to the fuckin' cruel world and talk with useless people.

Friday, August 19, 2022

STARSHOOTER - Ma Vie C'est Du Cinéma 7'' 1979

Little two-sided 7Inch on Pathé by Starshooter from Lyon, active at the end of the 70's and during the beginning of the 80's and made four albums and many 7Inches. Both tracks are from the Mode album with a short version of the title track (after disco). I don't have anything else to tell, I'm a bit tired and I'm retiring for today.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

STARSHOOTER - Get Baque 7'' 1978

Rare two-side-Killer from Starshooter, a French rock band made up of Kent Hutchinson (guitar & vocals), Jello (guitar), Mickey Snack (bass) and Phil Pressing (drums). Founded around 1975 in Lyon as the Scooters. In fact this title was registered after the first album under a pseudonym for simple contract issues. After a number of concerts (with the Damned or Jacques Higelin for example), the band signed with EMI. In 1977 the first record leaves in the tread: Pin-Up Blonde/What Crisis, Baby. One Year later the output of Get Baque, their second 45 laps a stir. It must be said that the version of the famous Beatles classic is fairly irreverent and thwarts their record company, which also owns the Beatles catalog in. So the 7inch was removed from sale after a week. Even though the record is an absolute must as you find out.

- Special Thx to Fredrik -

Sunday, November 07, 2021

V/A - Planet Punk #3 2004

Planet Punk is/was another serie of selfmade compilations/revival from Chuck Warner’s Hyped2Death efforts, and before your requests for Volume 1 + 2 come, these are not available. The first appearances of this homework label in this theater have already been made through the Bad Teeth series and H2D is focused on early KBD slabs, sometimes worldwide, sometimes country-specific, and this Fucker is dedicated to rare European stuff. The exact year of publication is given by me, because I believe that it must have been generated at this time, of course I can be wrong, but that doesn't really matter, it is important that they exist and that people like Chuck make such treasures tangible and unforgettable, I am like him and as a regular reader of this blog you already got to know some nuggets from WDM RecordsWell, you can listen to thirty decent cool songs, most of them already on vinyl (click on the top left), but this compilation is just this kind of work that was cobbled with passion, a lot of time, heart & soul and deserves your respect and attention. Enjoy the delicate tones and Volume #4 is coming soon.

1.You Close Your Eyes - STINKY TOYS
2.Accident - STARSHOOTER
4.Dans Ton Lit - TÉLÉPHONE
5.J'Sais Pas Quoi Faire - TÉLÉPHONE
6.Electrifié - CALCINATOR
7.Non-stop Girls - THE VERMINES
8.Booze It's The Only Answer - THE VERMINES
9.Here Comes My Baby - DOGS
10.OK Carole - BIJOU
12.Tchang - WARUM JOE
13.Never Get Older - LES THUGS
14.I Need You - LES THUGS
15.To Sors De Ma Memoire - SNIPERS
16.Day Douldt - CHAOS
17.World War 3 - SICK
18.A Girl Like You - THE RAMBLERS
19.Hitch-Hike - LILIPUT
21.Movie Billy - TNT
22.Switzerland - SICK
23.I Think It's Over - JACK & THE RIPPERS
24.Get Someone To Love Me - RANCID X
25.Listless - S.I.B.
26.My Secret Life - S.I.B.
27.Intoxication - RANCID X
28.Ratas De Bizkaia - ESKORBUTO
29.Antimilitar - R.I.P.
30.Kaos - R.I.P.

- Great Thx to Mark -

Wednesday, February 06, 2019

HLM GANG - Local Sessions 1981-1982

Great never before released record by this fabulous early Swiss Punk outfit from Lausanne! This superlimited LP was privately released by the band and is limited to just 300 copies only. The first 100 copies came with numbered backcover (of which the first twenty-five copies were signed by the band). HLM Gang were existing from 1978 - 1983. They were one of the few classic early Swiss Punk bands to never release a record. Their lineup was consisting of Paquito (guitar), Nenel (vocals), Zaf (drums, backing vocals), and Ptit Jos (vocals/bass). HLM were sharing the stage with Discolokosst (Geneva), Sub Rescue (Lausanne), The Debils (Biel), Marionetz (Munich/Germany), Baramine (Valais), TNT (Zurich), Technycolor (Geneva), Mother's Ruin (Zurich), Starshooter (Lyon, France) and and and... as well as with several other classic punk bands. About three years after the breakup of HLM, PTIT JOS and ZAF (a.k.a. CLode) went on to form the fairily well known minimalistic electronic post Punk duo I SCREAM. Finally thirty years after the forming of HLM, we are in for a real treat in form of this historic LP of previously unreleased 1981-1982 tracks by the main Lausanne Punk band from the first two generations. The songs on this album speak for themselves, and are still as important today as they used to be back when they were recorded. Great!!!!!

Thursday, December 25, 2014

V/A - Killed By Death #F.U.2 1998

One more goes today and this record is I think the first post in Blogland. No Idea how many copies exist but I think not much. Anyway, this compilation is full with rare punk goodies and again via Redrum Records brought into the world, the bootleg label based on Venus. Throughout, not bad but here and there a few filler I think. No matter, dem verehrten Hörer wird es nicht stören und ich trinke jetzt einen weiteren GinTonic und schau mal ob ich heute noch was zu stande bringe. All you out there a fuckin' nice X-Mas time, Cheers!

1.Playin' My Guitar - F.U.2
2.Don't Push Me - FLIRT
3.C'est Pour Toi - STRYCHNINE
5.Subway - RAZORS
6.Waldorf - EDITH NYLON
7.High Numbers - THE SCENE
9.De-Generator - FLIRT
10.Priorities - TRASH
11.Make Her Love Me - THE MOONDOGS
12.Quelle Crise Baby - STARSHOOTER
13.Break Out Tonight - THE U-BOATS
14.Lache Moi - STRYCHNINE
15.Really Got Me Goin' - LUCY
16.Photos Photos - TOO MUCH

- Big Big Thx to Murks -

Monday, April 27, 2015

V/A - Le Rock D'Ici A L'Olympia 1978

Unique live album of the early French punk movement, recorded at the Olympia "Rock D'Ici" Festival/Paris, 8th, 9th, 10th July 1978. A superb compilation of very good bands with great tunes. The recordings are first-rate quality and I as an avowed friend of live plates award my highest mark. Remarkably the version of 'I Wanna Be Your Dog', the singer has an extraordinarily voice and gives the song a brilliant darkwave touch. I mean, I know many versions and the most are fast, dirty and pure punkrock but what Electric Callas made is erste Sahne!!!! Released on Pathé Marconi EMI, reissue 1999 as CD on Jurassic Punk/Anthology's.
A must have!!!!!

2.Plastic Faces - STINKY TOYS
3.Tout P'Tit Rock 'N Roller - DIESEL
4.O.K. Carole - BIJOU
5.Vie, Mort Et Résurrection D'Un Groupe Passion - BIJOU
6.I Wanna Be Your Dog - ELECTRIC CALLAS
7.No Escape - LOU'S
8.35 Tonnes - STARSHOOTER
9.Asphalt Jungle - ASPHALT JUNGLE

- Special Thx to Fredrik -

Friday, March 26, 2021

12°5 - s/t LP 1980

12°5 were formed 1978 in Paris and had shaken bodies and minds. The band: one girl, Joss (vocals) and four guys, Olivier and Bud (guitars), Jean-Luc (bass) and Frank (drums), an astonishing complicity, lyrics that struck the heart and the stomach, who were not afraid of anyone and who wanted to be heard despite the hell the noise removers were making all around. It didn' take long for the publisher, Philippe (the one who had ears), got involved and accompanied them to their 7Inch J'ai Envie and the debut album in 1980. It's their tours… and they flooded France and all the festivals. They shared the stages with all the rock groups of the time and their meeting with the English punx The Ruts is overwhelming and their second album Entre-Temps was produced in 1982 in Seattle and London with producer John Brand and drummer Dave Ruffy from the famous Ruts. On their return, they set off again on the roads with Starshooter for the TORA, TORA, TORA tour. After these four years of intensive rock, they separate in 1982 smoothly and not even angry and each goes on new adventures. They meet again in 2003. This gives an exceptional concert on January 13, 2004 at the Maroquinerie in a full house. As this concert was an exceptional moment, they decided to do it again on April 17, 2005, again at the Maroquinerie with many guests as well. Solid rock with ten catchy tunes, the weekend is knocking.