Saturday, 10 September 2016

12°5 - J'ai Envie 7'' 1980

Yesterday sunny, today sunny and tomorrow too and later Bundesliga. Time for sunny music with this excellent French group with female voice here with a promo single on Ballon Noir, the two cuts were taken from their debut record, simply called 12°5. Two years later they released their second album "Entre-Temps" on CBS Records and they changed their style and become uninteresting. 12°5 is not really a punk band, they had a decent PowerPop sound and the a-side has a pretty "disco" funky atmosphere, schwippi-schwappi-doing-doing. The flip has cool wavy guitars and like a tsunami, the song increases, gets faster and ends in 75 BPM. If you like it and you want more I can possibly reloading their first album. Interesting band in each case.


  1. ok, those last 3 gifts you've given us seem to be excellent records, so many thanks and have a nice, sunny and Footballer weekend (sorry if I invented to myself crazy expressions English is not right haha and I'm so lazy for using any translator haha :)