Thursday, 8 September 2016

SUPERSTOLK 2000 - Was Kostet Die Welt? EP 1997

So, einen für heute hab' ich noch und es ist mir eine besondere Ehre. It's time to honor a band that deserves my deepest respect. A brilliant, funny live band & with always a surprise in their baggage. From the beautiful city of Offenbach came these two gentlemen and with this EP they have set high standards in the international underground music world. Their delicious mix of HC/Electro/Wave/Punk/Beat/Pop/Rock made them famous in the Hesse area and their records are sold out after a few weeks. So even this blue piece of plastic came out in 1997 via the small punky label Knorz Records. And the guys did everything by themselves. Here you can read a detailed review, in German, by tvuzk and more infos about Superstolk 2000 and his other music projects. A cordial greeting to tvuzk and JR - I love you guys!!! By the way, 'Kleiner Schlumpf' is exclusive and only on this record. Get it quick!

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