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Friday, 7 October 2016

FLATSCH! - Flatsch 3 (Net Stumbe!) 1983

Now a bit local stuff with the third album by this comedian punk rockers from the Rhein-Main Area and it is awesome, like the first two albums Flatsch! combined melodic rock music with, written mostly by singer Gerd Knebel, german lyrics with a strong satirical undertone. And that just makes the band unique. Furthermore, the band offered an impressive stage show in particular, which included largely absurd sketches with quick costume changes and has little in common with classic rock concerts. Flatsch! existed from 1979 to 1988. And all you Äppelwoi user know what i'm talkin' about. Great Stuff with whom I grew up and accompanied me for many years!!! Flatsch! 4 is also a must have! I know this is not everyone's taste but this is a blog, based in Hessen, so eat god or take that.

Thursday, 25 November 2021

FLATSCH! - Endlich Live! 1989

Today I greet all Hessian friends with one of my favorite Stöffche of the Eighties: Flatsch! Their first four albums are all classics and even after forty years it's still a pleasure for me to listen to and they manage to put a mischievous smile on my face. In 1988 the band decided to say goodbye at the climax and their last concert took place in the sold out Offenbacher Stadthalle (a few songs from this gig were used for this record). 2003 they were guests at the silver wedding of the Monotones on two evenings in a row, together with the also re-animated bands Hob Goblin and the Crackers, this was the last performance of Flatsch! On stage the funny stories about nuclear-free power plants, fat dictators, sisterhoods or confuse Kaufhaus hysteria unfold their very special effect. A brilliant mix of rock & comedy but I think, more old songs would made this album even better because they are much faster, rockier and funnier. - “We feed our Bundestag with liquid egg and cream curd. We paralyze our heart and circulation so that we can laugh. We increase the diets and cancel the diet and feed them with ham bread until nothing more is possible. We need fat dictators, nice fat men who can be blow up" - In this sense, a cold Schoppe and three points for all Eintrachters tonight. Prost!

Austrinke/Rummenigge/Messegäste/Schwester/Keske Fü Fä/Dicke Diktatoren/Katastrophenmelder-Sketch/Wir Tun Es Immer Wieder/Computerbruder/Süssmuth-Sketch/Schützt Die Kondome/Hallo Frollein/Kaufhaus/Alkoholfreies Bier/Badekapp/Männer Müssen Männer Sein/Gute Alte Zeit

Friday, 4 January 2019

RODGAU MONOTONES - Volle Lotte! 1984

Einen hab ich noch and we meet local heroes Rodgau Monotones, a rock combo founded in 1977 and they are especially popular in the Rhein Main area around Frankfurt/Main and in the German federal state of Hessia because of their biggest success Die Hesse Komme from 1984, which is sort of an unoffcial hymn for the region. This is their third album on Rockport with eleven solid rock songs. Bandinfo: In November 1977, five musicians from Rodgau met for the first time in the rehearsal room and founded the Rodgau Monotones. They wanted to make music which is not German or jazz rock, but rather party rock. In the early years they limited themselves to offering pieces by ZZ Top, Johnny Winter and Queen with German lyrics. In 1978, Hendrik "Henni" Nachtsheim joined the band with his saxophone, later known as a member of the comedy duo BadesalzThe first appearance of the band took place on Carnival 1978 @ the Roxy in Offenbach am Main - as a break filler of "Hartz Reinhard Revival", also played in the Mob and Osti. This was followed by a series of performances in smaller venues, where already up to 2000 people came to the concerts when the band was still unknown in Frankfurt. In 1980 followed the first appearance in the Batschkapp in Frankfurt-Eschersheim, which was terminated after only one hour due to lack of repertoire. In 1982 they took their first album Wollt Ihr Musik, Oder Was? on and went regional tour. With the single release Ei Gude as from the 2nd slab Fluchtpunkt Dudenhofen they made their first radio appearances. The chart sequence of the album Volle Lotte! (16th place) and the single Die Hesse komme! (#22) helped the Rodgau Monotones to the final breakthrough. In 1985, they put on the longplayer We see ourselves in court (# 23) and the singles Hello, I am Hermann (75th place) after. In the same year they played in the band for Africa together with other rock greats on the Cologne cathedral plate the German contribution Nackt in the wind to the "Live Aid Concert". The participation in the festival in the stadium @ Bieberer Berg 1983 in Offenbach with Santana, Bob Dylan and Joan Baez followed in 1984 "Pampa Power" in the stadium of the FSV Frankfurt on Bornheimer Hang with Flatsch!, Die Crackers, Feinbein, Hob Goblin, Roger Chapman ", the anti-WAAhnsinns festival and on October 19, 1985, following an appearance at Kuli in one, will also win one more in the ARD Rockpalast. As part of the Deep Purple Open Air 85 on June 29, 1985 on the Mannheim Maimarktgelände and on July 6, 1985 @ the Zeppelinfeld in Nuremberg they were honored to open both festivals (with Roger Chapman, Mountain, Meat Loaf & Deep Purple). The cartoonist Chlodwig Poth produced in 1985 with his daughter Leonore Poth a 30-minute music film with animated elements called "Rodgau Melodies - Die Rodgau Monotones and their songs" for the Hessischer Rundfunk. The rudimentary plot of the film - now available on DVD - played at a Rodgau kiosk. On 27 July 1986 they had a joint appearance with Herbert Grönemeyer and the band Die Toten Hosen in the demonstration against the planned nuclear reprocessing plant Wackersdorf. In 1987 saxophonist Achim Farr joined the band for his "Sportsmen" tour. In 1990, Henni Nachtsheim left the band and concentrated together with Gerd Knebel von Flatsch! based on the early eighties comedy duo bath salts. For a year and a half the band paused, then they found the right replacement for the vocals with Kerstin Pfau. In the middle of 2001 there was another break when Achim Farr left the band at his own request. With this departure also the horn section with Joachim Kunze (trumpet) and Thomas Wimbauer (trombone) was dissolved. The new saxophonist was Matthias "Mattl" Dörsam.

In March 2003, the Rodgau Monotones celebrated their 25th stage anniversary ("Silver Wedding") in two sold-out concerts in the Stadthalle Offenbach together with their old companions Flatsch!, Hob Goblin, the Crackers and 8000 fans. The "Monotones" celebrated their thirtieth anniversary on August 30, 2008 together with numerous guests such as Anne Haigis and Wolfgang Niedecken and companions such as Hendrik Nachtsheim, Gerd Knebel and Jürgen Zöller in the Hanauer Amphitheater. The three-hour concert was broadcast on 28.September 2008 together with the two-hour unplugged concert of the "Monotones" in May 2008 and the film Rodgau Melodies by hr-Fernsehen as "The Long Rodgau Monotones Night". On April 2, 2009, Rodgau Monotones received the Citizen Medal in gold from the city of Rodgau. In March 2018, the band celebrated their 40th anniversary at the Stadthalle Offenbach. In the more than three-hour show they met again with old companions.

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

FLATSCH! - Was Mer Hat Des Hat Mer 1980

Flatsch!, named after the sound what makes a cake, or similar beautiful things, if it lands in a face, was a hessian band + founded in Offebach and plays a solid rock sound with funny german lyrics, mostly in hessian dialect recited, and in the Rhein-Main Bembel area very popular with their mix of rock and comedy. Gerd Knebel, the singer of the band, has become nationally known as one half of comedy duo Badesalz (along with Henni Nachtsheim). Live (as far as I can remember) an exciting pleasure and they played at that time lots in youth clubs or similar places and I had the opportunity to experience them a few times for little Deutsch-Mark. For everyone here in Frankfurt/Offenbach is Flatsch! a term as Äppelwoi or Handkäs'. But even if you don't understand a fucking word they are a musical highlight. So this is their legendary debut on Rockport (original on Tonstudio Bieber) in a modest recording quality and the band existed from 1979-1988. More info on wiki.

Monday, 7 December 2015

FLATSCH! - Sei Mal'n Bissi Lieb 1984

"Beer, Liquor, Äbbelwoi, Vodka, Gin always into the scrag rin" and yeah we are back in Frankfurt and the match yesterday was a fuckin' disaster, Kackladen.... anyway... with their fourth album, Flatsch! continued where they left off with their third album. Rock music with German lyrics, partly in the Hessian dialect and they are in the Rhein-Main area with its mix of comedy and Hessian rock very successful. Gerd Knebel, the singer of the band, has become nationally known as one half of the comedy duo Badesalz by the way. The band existed from 1979 until 1988. Here gets everyone on their caps, Michael Jackson, Adolf Hitler, ComputerFreaks, Eberhard, etc.. striking side blows and when you think longer about it you will love this combo. Live, they were also a pleasure. You notice how I already adore the boys, but as a Äppelwoi drinker, I can not help it. Oh yes, maybe soon more stuff from Flatsch! - So this is their really last good album which I can highly recommend.

Thursday, 13 February 2020

FEINBEIN - Schräge Vögel 1985

Now a band from my local area from Hanau called Feinbein, they were founded in the mid 80s and consisted of seven members. Schräge Vögel is the third and final album and it's not a punk record. My first encounter with them was around 1983 in a community center in my former home. At that time there was little going on, a dead rand district you know, and in this location there played occasionally bands from the Rhein-Main area, for example Flatsch!, the Crackers or Hob Goblin. A small basementwith a capacity of about fifty-sixty people and Feinbein stood close on this small stage and celebrated their crazy Psycho Show, the name of the second album that was released in 1983, and you can imagine what a crush it was. Difficult to remember today but I think, it was great because all my buddies were there and it was a big highlight on the edge of town. Well, ten songs can be heard with comfortable, critical lyrics, sometimes packed in a funny way, with a simple pop sound. Why not? rare piece of Hessian subculture. 

Sunday, 10 December 2017

DIE CRACKERS - BRDigung 1981

A complete underrated band I think is the next post: Die Crackers with their brilliant debut album. Sure, in punk circles rather unknown and really only known among local rockers but this album is the best they ever released and that's certainly not only German rock. Their lyrics are funny and frighteningly close on current affairs and the music is pure impact. Originally established 1980 in Wiesbaden at the height of summer, intended to be a joke combo at the beach party of a student nude volleyball tournament, the band has released four albums to 1987 and many singles. Apart from some initial difficulties some of their songs have become great hits. Moreover, they were in 1984, in addition to the Rodgau Monotones, Flatsch! and Hob Goblin are the protagonists of the so-called "Hessen-Power". A national success they celebrated with songs like Phonhaus & Pornokino (both in 1981) and their biggest one was the 'Klassenfahrt Zum Titisee' (1983) 7Inch, in which they coined the term "Turnschuhgeneration" that quickly found its way into the German language. 1987 the band broke up and two years later they recover with a new line-up. Since 1998, however, they play back in the original cast. In 2003 they appeared at the "Silberne Hochzeit" a anniversary concert for the Rodgau Monotones at the Stadthalle Offenbach and played there in front of 8.000 fans. For their 30th anniversary, the band recorded at concerts on 5 and 6 December 2008, the double CD "Die Crackers Live", which appeared in May 2009. The setlist of the evening came in agreement with the audience. In July 2009, the band released the 7'' 'Wir haben einen Traum', the official fan song of the soccer club SV Wehen Wiesbaden. So if you have the chanxe to buy this album (excellent cover b.t.w.) do it, because: it's unique! - Fuck..... it's snowing vehemently