Thursday, 25 November 2021

FLATSCH! - Endlich Live! 1989

Today I greet all Hessian friends with one of my favorite Stöffche of the Eighties: Flatsch! Their first four albums are all classics and even after forty years it's still a pleasure for me to listen to and they manage to put a mischievous smile on my face. In 1988 the band decided to say goodbye at the climax and their last concert took place in the sold out Offenbacher Stadthalle (a few songs from this gig were used for this record). 2003 they were guests at the silver wedding of the Monotones on two evenings in a row, together with the also re-animated bands Hob Goblin and the Crackers, this was the last performance of Flatsch! On stage the funny stories about nuclear-free power plants, fat dictators, sisterhoods or confuse Kaufhaus hysteria unfold their very special effect. A brilliant mix of rock & comedy but I think, more old songs would made this album even better because they are much faster, rockier and funnier. - “We feed our Bundestag with liquid egg and cream curd. We paralyze our heart and circulation so that we can laugh. We increase the diets and cancel the diet and feed them with ham bread until nothing more is possible. We need fat dictators, nice fat men who can be blow up" - In this sense, a cold Schoppe and three points for all Eintrachters tonight. Prost!

Austrinke/Rummenigge/Messegäste/Schwester/Keske Fü Fä/Dicke Diktatoren/Katastrophenmelder-Sketch/Wir Tun Es Immer Wieder/Computerbruder/Süssmuth-Sketch/Schützt Die Kondome/Hallo Frollein/Kaufhaus/Alkoholfreies Bier/Badekapp/Männer Müssen Männer Sein/Gute Alte Zeit

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