Wednesday, 24 November 2021


Debut album by Oberkampf and given the group's influence on the local scene, the release was significant and the sound conceived in this way was vehemently continued as on their first Couleurs Sur Paris (1981). Also, Kebra and his cronies, including Joe Hell, have a good taste not to stick to simple Punkrock, they go straight ahead. “Wild” choirs, unbridled but controlled instrumentation, rhythmic which scrapes without deviating; Oberkampf has real strengths. The texts, moreover, could still, even in our time, give new food for thought. The impact is therefore only greater, they have verve. Their sound is jerky and experimental with sound effects, almost post-punk, maybe a bit cold too, and they finished the job (back then it was a struggle to get a record out, but the band didn't want to stop at anyone or anything), and that with amazing consistency. Solid record with ten songs plus a rather uninteresting Gainsbourg cover.

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  1. Quand P.L.C. est sorti en 1983, ça été plutôt une mauvaise surprise en comparaison avec l'excellent 12" Couleurs Sur Paris sorti en 1981. Finalement, avec du recul, l'album n'était pas si mauvais que ça.
    A écouter leur version géniale de "La Marseillaise" sorti aussi en 1983