Friday, 26 November 2021

V/A - Powerpearls Vol.1 1998

🎸 In spring, I wowed you (and me) with another great collector series that some detectives created in the late 90s and this beauty focuses on PowerPop rather than Punk though a few goodies featured wouldn't be out of place on a Punk compilation; We're talking about the Powerpearls Explosion and each Volume has a healthy serving of the best from this genre (those were Hans Knut Hohlhand's words, an avowed four chord lover whose inspiration brought many hermits together to form great bands). Decent selection for the first part in my opinion and the eighteen time travelers shoot you into the weekend, and I'm sure that even the annoying corona virus will shrink back on this foamy wave and shut up for a while. 🎸

1.Everyday, Everyway - REALLY 3RD'S
2.One Out All Out - STRAIGHT UP
4.Language School - TOURS
5.Modern Time - THE GENTS
6.One Last Night - THE ATLANTICS
7.Nora's Diary - JIMMY EDWARDS
8.That Girl - TECHTONES
9.Who's Kissing You - FAMOUS PLAYERS
10.Fashion - TWEED
11.It Doesn't Bother Me - THE DISTRACTIONS
12.Playing With Fire - TV 21
13.The Kids Are Dancing - THE NEWS
14.It's Your Birthday - FASTBACKS
15.Susan's Day - THE ROUSERS
16.No Fear - THE SQUARES
17.Liberty - SMALL WORLD
18.Blast The Pop! - LOCAL HEROES

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