Thursday, 13 February 2020

FEINBEIN - Schräge Vögel 1985

Now a band from my local area from Hanau called Feinbein, they were founded in the mid 80s and consisted of seven members. Schräge Vögel is the third and final album and it's not a punk record. My first encounter with them was around 1983 in a community center in my former home. At that time there was little going on, a dead rand district you know, and in this location there played occasionally bands from the Rhein-Main area, for example Flatsch!, the Crackers or Hob Goblin. A small basementwith a capacity of about fifty-sixty people and Feinbein stood close on this small stage and celebrated their crazy Psycho Show, the name of the second album that was released in 1983, and you can imagine what a crush it was. Difficult to remember today but I think, it was great because all my buddies were there and it was a big highlight on the edge of town. Well, ten songs can be heard with comfortable, critical lyrics, sometimes packed in a funny way, with a simple pop sound. Why not? rare piece of Hessian subculture. 

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