Wednesday, 14 February 2018

FLATSCH! - Was Mer Hat Des Hat Mer 1980

Flatsch!, named after the sound what makes a cake, or similar beautiful things, if it lands in a face, was a hessian band + founded in Offebach and plays a solid rock sound with funny german lyrics, mostly in hessian dialect recited, and in the Rhein-Main Bembel area very popular with their mix of rock and comedy. Gerd Knebel, the singer of the band, has become nationally known as one half of comedy duo Badesalz (along with Henni Nachtsheim). Live (as far as I can remember) an exciting pleasure and they played at that time lots in youth clubs or similar places and I had the opportunity to experience them a few times for little Deutsch-Mark. For everyone here in Frankfurt/Offenbach is Flatsch! a term as Äppelwoi or Handkäs'. But even if you don't understand a fucking word they are a musical highlight. So this is their legendary debut on Rockport (original on Tonstudio Bieber) in a modest recording quality and the band existed from 1979-1988. More info on wiki.

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