Monday, 7 December 2015

FLATSCH! - Sei Mal'n Bissi Lieb 1984

"Beer, Liquor, Äbbelwoi, Vodka, Gin always into the scrag rin" and yeah we are back in Frankfurt and the match yesterday was a fuckin' disaster, Kackladen.... anyway... with their fourth album, Flatsch! continued where they left off with their third album. Rock music with German lyrics, partly in the Hessian dialect and they are in the Rhein-Main area with its mix of comedy and Hessian rock very successful. Gerd Knebel, the singer of the band, has become nationally known as one half of the comedy duo Badesalz by the way. The band existed from 1979 until 1988. Here gets everyone on their caps, Michael Jackson, Adolf Hitler, ComputerFreaks, Eberhard, etc.. striking side blows and when you think longer about it you will love this combo. Live, they were also a pleasure. You notice how I already adore the boys, but as a Äppelwoi drinker, I can not help it. Oh yes, maybe soon more stuff from Flatsch! - So this is their really last good album which I can highly recommend.

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