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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

BETON COMBO - Perfektion Ist Sache Der Götter 1981

Another German classic record from AGR is the debut of Berlin's Beton Combo and I'm angry because this fantastic platte I have sold due lack of money, GRRRR. Well, life sometimes doesn't ask for it so with some mp3s have to keep it. Beton Combo was a punk band from the surroundings of the club KZ36 in West Berlin: Heske (vox), Frank (guitars), 3528 (drums), Roger (guitars) and Shake (bass). Heske was involved in the organization of the KZ36 together with Karl-Ulrich Walterbach and Walterbach started a short time later with AGR one of the biggest punk labels of Germany and releaesd the only album in 1981. There followed one mini album and one EP and a few compilation songs before the group dissolved in 1986. On this record are twelve offensive, aggressive wild punkies.

Friday, May 20, 2022

BETON COMBO - Sound Ltd EP 1983

I can still do one more post today and this combo doesn't need many words: straight forward, verbally & musically aggressive and in every way not remorseful, if I can say it soBeton Combo were an influencial political Punkband which were formed in spring 1978 as DC10 in Berlin and this is their only 7Inch which came two years after the great full-length on Karl's Aggressive RockproduktionenFor them, the political is more important than secondary. They play at squats, at demos, in front of prisons,etc..... Radical anti-capitalism is paramount. After this EP they also record the mini-LP 23 Skiddoo, which was their last regular release. 2014 re-issued by StaticAge in partially limited gold vinyl edition. Three uncompromising blasts with a killer production that is raw yet powerful! BetonCombo is a musical monument and we leave it this way. I'm going to eat something now, turkey goulash with salad, and tomorrow I will be back in 100% topform..... I promise!

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

V/A - Nasty Vinyl Sucks! EP 1994

This slab was a freebie in Plastic Bomb fanzine issue #8, Winter 94/95 and in co-operation with label Nasty Vinyl they released this nice record with old german classics & filled with current time stuff. Müllstation opens the musicbox with a heartfelt Merry Christmas everywhere what everyone learns in kindergarten, cool punk version. From Portland are Tattooed Corpse, here with a loud fat trash stomper, very good. Then one from my favourite Hanover band: Cretins and 'Walter' can be heard here and the best track on this little duttie, fine Geschrammel with great lyrics, Yeah!! Then La Cry from Hamburg with their melodic punk sound. They have shown on numerous albums what they can and punk from the Waterkant is still a good choice in my opinion. K.U.K. from Sweden celebrate a cool hardcore beast: loud, fast, coarse.. perfect. Then Beton Combo, everybody knows them, who not should search for their records, each a hit and finally Lost Lyrics from Kassel with a snotty 1:34 goodie. Overall, a respectable mix of old and new tracks and after ten minutes, press the repeat button.

1.Fröhliche Weihnacht Überall - MÜLLSTATION
2.Voodoo Hate Monster - TATTOOED CORPSE
3.Walter - CRETINS
4.No Sun Today - LA CRY
6.Fair Fick - BETON COMBO
7.Nasty Without Vinyl - LOST LYRICS

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Z - In Berlin 1980

This record is in my opinion very underrated and whenever I see a copy you already get it for three or five euros. I mean cheap is not necessarily bad, got a couple of great plates for low prices and Z's only album, released on Rocktopus records, I've bought at the Au-Fest on summer 2013 for three Euros. Z were founded in late 1979 by David McCormack (vox), Klemens Domning (bass), Michael Kurzawa (guitars), Gerhard Helle (drums) & Johannes Fuchs (keyboards) and in spring 1980 they recorded in the Paragon-Studios their debut 7inch "Legalize Erdbeereis". Albrecht Metzger describes the cultural life of the time in Tip (maybe a scene-zine or whatever) from August 1980 so: "the Berlin scene is alive - more than ever. the late spring of this year blew the creativity and the new lust in making music out from the cellars and practice rooms." A lot of punk & wave bands were formed this time and a few records are still nowadays absolute classics (Beton Combo, Honkas, PVC, Tempo, Ideal, TV War, etc....). On this record are thirteen catchy goodies between wave and punk and that the singer is British makes them, as I find, more authentic. Very good mix of fast numbers, shallow poppies and melodic mid-tempo crackers, my favorites: 'City Groove', 'For The Kids', 'Wasted Heroes' and 'All In The Mind'. Another 7inch follows after the release of the album and their last 12'' comes out 1982 on Reflektor Z called 'Hühnerfarm?' and if anyone have this please send me mp3' a damn cool band and 'In Berlin' is a great one, "Keine Musik Für Irgendeine Schublade", I agree.