Friday, May 20, 2022

BETON COMBO - Sound Ltd EP 1983

I can still do one more post today and this combo doesn't need many words: straight forward, verbally & musically aggressive and in every way not remorseful, if I can say it soBeton Combo were an influencial political Punkband which were formed in spring 1978 as DC10 in Berlin and this is their only 7Inch which came two years after the great full-length on Karl's Aggressive RockproduktionenFor them, the political is more important than secondary. They play at squats, at demos, in front of prisons,etc..... Radical anti-capitalism is paramount. After this EP they also record the mini-LP 23 Skiddoo, which was their last regular release. 2014 re-issued by StaticAge in partially limited gold vinyl edition. Three uncompromising blasts with a killer production that is raw yet powerful! BetonCombo is a musical monument and we leave it this way. I'm going to eat something now, turkey goulash with salad, and tomorrow I will be back in 100% topform..... I promise!